Bruce Lee’s The Way Of The Dragon – English Full Movie

Way of the Dragon English Full Movie 猛龍過江also known in the United States as Return of the Dragon) is a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film written, produced, directed by and starring Bruce Lee. This was Lee’s directorial debut.

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  2. Oh really? So why no one can repeat it now? Why sooo many trying to be like Bruce Lee in movies but no one even close to him, huh? By the way in 60s he tought martial arts to hollywood stars, so dont u think they all are were stupid and ignorant? 🙂 His speedy kicks and punches were recorded and u can find it in internet easy if you really need it. Good luck.

  3. Anyone know what Chuck Norris has to say about Bruce Lee…?? it has been years since i’ve seen this movie – saw it maybe three or four times but it has been awhile – was thinking about Mr Norris a couple of days ago and was thinking he knew and was in a film with Mr Lee – thanks for this memory being brought back to life to me – excellent film – excellent men – two of my “hereos” – Bruce & Chuck – thank you kindly again

  4. HAHAHAH that was a rumour, go do some research and see that they were just friends and never had a SERIOUS fight, they sparred and trained together. It’s all in LeBell’s self written Biography.

  5. Dude someone says poor acting! Are u f**** serious it isn’t about acting only but its about s man who shown the world every sport and in this casr msttisl arts dedication and preperation is everything that is his message!

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