BTJunkie and Cheggit shut down!

After the recent seizure of Megaupload both Cheggit and BTJunkie have decided to close their sites. Other file sharing sites might consider the same option. …
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13 thoughts on “BTJunkie and Cheggit shut down!

  1. well fyi i am a computer engineer and a future videogames concept artist / designer so if anyone knows how software world works and if anyone should really be worried about piracy its me too ..nevertheless i am not worried and i approve media piracy , again its not taking and taking and taking you asshole! i never took anything from anyone, people shared and i shared and thats all , in the other hand i will tell you whats a crime,a crime is selling a game for 65$ so fuck off

  2. fuckin bullshit .. again who are your friends and whats the software name ? .. i am 100% sure that if what they were doing was successful as you are hinting then they would find big sponsors .. and am also sure that the software you may or may not mention ( if it exists) is not pirated to the level everyone is using it and no profit came out of it at all just can’t throw blames around , this is not a fairy tale story in which your friends fell victims of evil pirates…

  3. what is the software and who are your friends ? don’t give me crappy bed time stories .. tell me names and facts because honestly i think you’re lying , i never heard of a company close down because of piracy and if it happened then the media would spend shitload of money to spread this kind of news and believe me they could .. they’re not called media for no reason .

  4. smaller companies do not get pirated on the same scale as big ones .. i tried to find and download alot of unpopular softs and media and very often cannot find it , part of the reason too because they sell their products cheap and people simply can afford it ,you said tons of artists ..where ? show me one ” good ” artist who got destroyed because of piracy ! and i said good because you can’t fail as an artist and then blame piracy .. that would mean you have deep psyche issues

  5. Smaller companies profit from piracy. Because when you are a small entertainment company or an upcoming artist you need more and more followers. There are tons of artists that I would have never heard if it wasn’t for piracy. And then of course after you pirate their shit and if you liked it then buy it.

  6. a crime is when some individual suffers from the actions of another, nobody suffers from media piracy,its been going for years now and all the jobs for artists/singers are kept well and their income is still too much of a fuckin great ,the only reason they are acting is corporate greed,they won’t make the price of the product less and they still want everyone just to fuckin buy it ,which leads to an entertainment that is only for riches,you have a broken logic+piracy will go on

  7. no its not … seeders are millions of peoples you retard XD and they are scattered all around the world , you think feds are going after a fat guy living in africa or something ?i guess you’re one of those pathetic losers who likes to sit and scare people around with things like the end of the world and sopa but hey … suit yourself man , do your hobby ..the internet is a free place even for people like you ; ) ..yea and don’t waste time proving me wrong just switch pages

  8. not as big as TPB , and thats not even the point .. i don’t know if you’re saying that because you’re against piracy or just pooped your pants because the law is shutting down some torrent sites or even maybe just an ass who likes to say facts that prove others wrong for the stinking fun of .. but the fact remains the same they can never shut down all sites and if they could its so easy to come up with huge new ones .. in the end the seeders are the ones sharing not the site

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