22 Replies to “Btjunkie closed 2005-2012”

  1. I reckon piracy will both skyrocket and plummet from here forth, plummet because btjunkie is gone… but skyrocket because we will download forever. PIRACY FTW

  2. even people in ancient times could set things on fire from distances with bow and arrows… the mla houses and government buildings aren’t fire proof, so they better not think there is little we can do

  3. The traitors within the US congress, the white house, the music industry and politicians in general are responsible for this “book-burning”. They will all rot in hell for this. The time has come to end them.

  4. btjunkie you serve us very well we will miss you.. me as a computer technician need your site you are one of a kind.. and to those who will not appreciate the works of btjunkie and other torrent site FUCK YOURSELF AND FUCK YOUR DOGS PUSSY.. we miss you. we love you. we stand for you. R>I>P BTJUNKIE.. Number 1

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