Btjunkie funeral

It is a sad day to be on the internet.
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8 Responses to Btjunkie funeral

  1. katbx1331 says:

    take me instead!!

  2. bumtaksi says:

    man,im sorry that btjunkie closed down…but this thing is so funny ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  3. Sunzofmann says:

    they will my friend ……Piratebay is next …at least demonoid u need membership .

  4. victorfxdesign says:

    malaka crook to exeis xasei teleiws!!!!AAAAAAAAAAXXAXAAXXAXAXAAXXAAXAAX THEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  5. kostasflipside says:

    :))))))) best vid!! My condolences to the btjunkie family!

  6. dominocomand says:

    illuminati did this

  7. Giannis S says:

    thepiratebay or isohunt maybe.. that would suck so much.

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