BTL Explains Away Social Media Marketing Blunder

BTL Explains Away Social Media Marketing Blunder
The utility company issued an initial response on Tuesday admitting that the ads were offensive and removed them immediately from their social media page and undertook to properly screen their social media messages. It is not known who approved the …
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Social Media Purchasing: Why This Feature Is Changing Marketing
Social platform marketing may be the answer to the problem that has been around since companies began collecting customer data. Data collected from social media platforms will resolve marketers' concerns about data accuracy. Social media profile basics …
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How SaleBhai uses social media marketing to impress and attract new customers
KORAMNGALA: Marketing gets redefined on social media as companies devise unique and innovative ways of befriending the audience. SaleBhai is the new kid on the block that has launched its teaser campaign on Facebook like scores of other startups in …
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