BTS (Bangtan Boys) Dance ranking 2014

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  1. I was all smiling when I watch this video but when it says jhope on the 2nd place and I was like what?! I pause pn the video and read comments if there’s anyone else who didnt agree hobie in the 2nd place and yeah there’s a lot. I mean, jhope is more passionate and flexible in dancing, in AHL he also picked as the best dancer. i’m jimim biased but I think hoseok is the best at dancing in bts

  2. Not that I’m biased but I think Jimin is slightly better than J-Hope in one particular thing: He feels the music. I’m not saying J-Hope doesn’t feels it as well but there’s something about Jimin when it comes down to that. I confirmed it in episode 3 of AHL when he tells the dancer he’s battling against: “You don’t dance. Listen to the music.”, and he won that battle because as Jenny said, he feels the music. I love Hoseok tho, I think he’s an amazing dancer, and probably the best dancer in kpop in my opinion. And to be quite honest, and although I said above that Jimin is better, I would rank both of them in the same spot for BTS’ best dancer. 

  3. I’ve never seen such disapproval on video lol. Everyone’s just like” pause the mother loving train. Did you just put JIMIN ahead of our HOPE?!?!” Lol no one was having it at all. Lol I was so ready to argue my point about Hope being the best and everyone in the comment was already like Nah sis you’re wrong lol. I mean I get it that its OP’s opinion … but the biased JHope fangirl keeps saying that OP’s opinion is wrong lol.

  4. Yeah, J-Hope is the best dancer but you don’t have to be so rude to Jimin about it XD This person’s video is obviously their own opinion if you watch her other videos. Jimin and Jhope are both amazing dancers.

  5. I think Jimin is tne best dancer cuz he has best stage control and catches attention easily and his moves are natural! J-hope is good too but for me Jimin is the best!! :)

  6. I was shocked when J-Hope was 2nd, he’s definitely first. Sure, Jimin can tumble, but J-hope has much better free style and flexibility and gets the dance more on point (cleaner dancing I guess is what I’m trying to say). J-Hope definitely first

  7. I respect your opinion but seriously everyone even in bts are saying J-Hope is the best dancer you can watch it when there where in America he was a B-Boy after all 

  8. Bangtan really dances well, theyre in sync and well practiced. But i thing jhope should be the first (my opinion) My ranking is… 1st: jhope, he attended the same dancing school as seungri and the members said that jhope is their true dancing machine, and it really true, jhope dance very good 2nd: both jimin and jungkook, for me they both are very good, well every one in bangtan is very good 3rd: v, i want to put him first because he’s my bias but jhope is better than him. In my opinion, if v was always in the middle in chorus part people will notice him, and he might be on 2nd too. 4th: suga, he’s a good dancer but he’s a little stiff 5th: jin, he’s a little stiff also 6th: rapmon, he admitted that he don’t like dancing but but he realized that dancing is cool too, but rapping is cooler, he might give time more on rapping (?) ^^my opinion, sorry 

  9. j-hope prove that he is the best dancer in BTS when filming American Hustle Life .. He is really good in dancing and all the BTS members agree that J-Hope is the main dancer of BTS ..

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