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  1. Well, I disagree. To me, Jungkook would be first now because he has way better vocal control and more stamina. His voice never cracks or waves, plus his falsetto is flawless. His voice has no actual remarkable color (imo), but his technique is undoubtedly the best among them. Then would be Jimin. He does have a distinctive voice and an OUSTANDING vocal range. When it comes to high notes, he’s brilliant. He has great control of his breathing and vocal stability. Bad thing is he can’t show his real potential performing live, after three minutes jumping around full power LOL. Third, V. V’s voice is life, V’s voice is bae. You FEEL the greatness of the universe inside you when he sings. He has such a soulful voice and a pretty impressive rank and flexibility as well. He has to work on his breathing and intonation tho, but I think he will eventually surpass Kookie’s skills. Jin would be fourth. He has a poor technique he needs to improve. I do think it’s not his fault, since Korean companies are not known for the quality of their singins lessons. Anyways he has a nice high voice than can go from smooth to powerful and raspy, and a regular vibrato. He’s a natural with lots of potential. Fifth, RapMon. His singing voice is top quality, even though only fitting for R&B, neo soul, and maybe reggae. Slow stuff. His voice is not flexible and I don’t think that would change. I choose Suga as sixth because of the way he is able to modulate his rapping voice. He expresses a lot when he sings (sing a.k.a. rapping slowly), his voice is rich and unique. But he can’t do proper singing. And J-Hope. He can follow the rythm, but his voice… says nothing. His rap is awesome. His beatbox is great as well. He’s one hell of an MC and don’t let me start with his dancing skills. But he just can’t sing a note.

  2. 1.Jimin hes high pitch voice i bet when puberty stop hitting him hes going to lose that high picth voice 2.V/Jin they are both tied like the both have the raspy voice and i love it 3.jungkook he has that nice voice then the rapers they are all good rapers but they are not on the list 

  3. In my opinion: 1. Jungkook. His voice is stable and has a better voice control and i think he has a remarkable color of his voice. 2. Jimin. His voice is unique and i love hear him in soft song it make me melt also his high note is so amazing im even speechless bcs his high note in let me know 3. V. Omfg his deep voice is like a sex(?) But he can do a higher pitch too. I love him so much…. 4. Jin. Jin has the stongest voice among the members. 5. Jhope. I dont know about rapper lines, but i like his voice when singing. Like in rain and some of cover. 6. Rapmon 7. Suga Im not an expert or a professional. Its just what i feel and what i like. :)

  4. Sorry but I did agree Jimin should be first cause his voice is so beautiful (that’s why I love him) and its very soft too..even he is not really handsome,he became handsome when he is singing I don’t know but I love his voice so much !! <3 

  5. Judging by songs(title&non-title tracks)live performances and reality/tv shows: 1) Jungkook, duh, most vocal stamina live and consistent pitch 2) Jimin/V, tbh they need more lines man 3) Jhope/Jin, jhope bc we’ve heard abit of his voice but not enough, jin, not enough stamina, unstable pitch but unique voice and really nice to hear belting notes 4) Rapmon, yeahhhHHHHHH dude can actually sing and shit, listen to Hidden track Path, wow. 5) Suga, it’s actually really unique when you hear it, but he usually avoids singing, need more exposure 🙂 :)

  6. Ugh people -.- just because jimin sings higher than Jungkook and wows everyone with his range really doesn’t make him a better singer. Jimin is amazing and all, but I always thought it was pretty clear that kook is the strongest vocalist in bts..I think people are confusing range and vocal talent. Also v should be higher than jin like damn his voice gives me feels 

  7. wow!! jungkook is really golden maknae!! He can do everything .. dance and also vocal .. Even though i am still new to bts, jungkook is become my bias ^_^ 😀 :D

  8. I totally agree with this video only if they swapped v and jin 😛 its only my opinion… but I feel that jinks voice isn’t as stable compared to the other lead singers in the group. Whenever I hear him sing live, it always sounds a little… stuffy.. I don’t know how to describe it but whenever her starts singing in a live performance, there’s usually a large difference in tone compared to the recorded on and compared to how the others sing… I know it’s probably his style but… I feel like he’s trying to force that voice in his singing rather than just singing it in a more relaxed tone that he’s comfortable with. And I agree that Jungkook is better than Jimin. Although he doesn’t have as much high notes as Jimin, if you listen carefully, majority of the harmony is sang by Jungkook. Reaching high notes probably isn’t a problem for him but he just isn’t comfortable with it that why he isn’t singing it and jimin is… Jung kook notes also tend to be more stable and less shaky. But yeah, he sings most of the harmony, which isn’t easy when u have someone else in your group singing in a different tone that’s 5 times louder than what u’r singing… I think in terms of vocals jungkook is best cause he has a better pitch with the notes… I dunno my opinion….

  9. Tbh I choose Jimin as #1. Im jot an expert on singing or anything but I believe that he should be ranked #1. It’s not because of his high notes either and from what ive seen on music shows he has better stamina then Kookie. There’s been quite a few times ive seen Kookie not be able to sing some lines after theyve been dancing but it’s rare that I see Jimin miss any. It’s a shame he normally gets a few lines. I love Kookie his voice can be both sweet and deep. Then I would choose V simply because im attracted to his voice Then Jin. In the right songs his voice is unbelievable Then Jhope. I believe given the chance Jhope would be an amazing vocalist Then Suga And last but not least RapMon

  10. in vocal line, jin’s voice is the weakest one but he has good voice. its just his voice is not very stable especially when he sing live. anyway his voice is getting better day by day. I hope he gains confident to show what he got. practice makes perfect :D

  11. uhhhhh idk about jungkook being first.the kid has got a good voice, but if you have been involved with music for a while, you can tell really easily that he’s belting from his throat. jimin’s voice isnt as powerful, but thats because he is singing , if you will, more correcly. basically, jungkook is going to ruin his voice pretty soon

  12. Some comments are pretty off lol. Here is a unbiased ranking based on just vocal/singing skill+techniques. 1. Jungkook 2. Jimin 3. V 4. Jin 5. Rap Monster 6. J-Hope 7. Suga

  13. 1. Jungkook 2. Jimin 3. V 4. Jin 5&6. Rap Mon and Suga (I can’t decide between them) V Jungkook and Jin can’t show their vocals very well Jungkook usally raps V can have a really deep voice if he wants so he does weird singing-yellingish things and Jin sings a few lines I think there is a solo problem in BTS too much rap very few vocals maybe? Saying as an A.R.M.Y by the way

  14. it should be this: 1. Jungkookie 2. V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Jimin 4. Suga 5. J-hope 6. Jin 7. Rapmonster no haters this is opinion and the right one! hAH

  15. my rank is (vocal line only) 2. V and Jin 1. Jimin and Jungkook V.. u get that “feel” when he sings low notes but when it comes to high notes his voice kinda ruins a lil bit. Jin’s the opposite of V’s. His voice kinda shaky(?) when he sings low notes but high notes it becomes good. Jimin he can do high notes and he has that strong voice (stable?) Jungkook his voice got colors like he can do falsetto, belly notes, stable vocal lol idk how to explain this. but then again who i am to judge..its just my opinion i love them to the moon and back but ITS JUST MY OPINION lol ^,^

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