Buckypaper: Unlocking the power of nanotechnology

It’s a car, it’s a plane, it’s…paper? Watch and learn how this revolutionary new carbon nanotube material could change the world and lead us toward a highly advanced, sustainable future. Learn more about Buckypaper and the High Performance Materials Institute at Florida State University here: www.hpmi.net
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10 thoughts on “Buckypaper: Unlocking the power of nanotechnology

  1. Also, for finer applications, you can functionalize the surface of nanotubes to allow your body clear them out of your lungs/blood stream fast enough to completely avoid any harmful effects.

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  3. CNTs used as shown in these applications do not become airborne and won’t enter cells. 1) In the studies that show potential health risks researchers take individual CNTs and place them inside lungs etc. of mice. That doesn’t mean they can actually get there. 2) It is very difficult to separate an individual CNT, even from the raw material. Millions of dollars and tons of energy is spent trying to do this. 3) Here they are embedded in resin, etc.. It is not the same as asbestos.

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