Build a Fortune Online with an Automatic Marketing System

Build a Fortune Online with an Automatic Marketing System
Event on 2013-10-19 09:30:00
First Time in New Zealand – Live from the USA!How to Build a Fortune Online in
Your Existing or New Business with an
Automatic Marketing System  Secrets of a World Famous Multi-Millionaire

& Two Time Winner of 'Rock Your Life Social Media Guru of the Year'
How Many of these Questions do you Answer “Yes” to?

  • Tired of hearing about everyone else making money on the Internet? 
  • Have a business and your competition is crushing you online? 
  • Tried all the “push-button, get rich quick” programs & still struggling? 
  • Have “No Clue” about Internet marketing? 
  • You’re “Old School” and have no clue about making money on the internet? 
  • Are you a Pro & just need more help? 
  • Working too many hours and trying to stay ahead of the bills? 
  • Just want somebody to “Show you how to do it”?
  • Attended all the Seminars and still have nothing to show for it?

The problem is not “How to Do it” or cram your head with more “stuff”.The Secret is “Systems & Automation” 

The Pros have it! Systems, Teams and Automation…
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What If:

  • You Could make money on your first day? 
  • You have no Experience and it was ALL DONE FOR YOU? 
  • You have No Product & were given the Top Selling Products to sell and you kept 100% of the Profit?
  • You have an Offline Business & new Customers started flooding through your doors within 24 hours?
  • The “Marketing Machine” runs 24 hours making you money while you sleep?
  • You had a Personal Marketing manager that did it for you for FREE?
  • You’re a Beginner & had your hand held through every step?
  • You don’t know where to Start to Make Money & could watch over the Shoulder of an Internet Millionaire?

Would this help?

  • How to make money with No Product & No Experience 
  • How to work from your Home, Cafe or on Holiday & Make Money Online
  • Fire Your Webmaster & Save Thousands of Dollars
  • Get Rid of your Big Webinar fees with a Better System
  • Drop your video hosting bills to Zero!
  • How to have it set up for you & it makes money while you are doing other stuff.
  • How to make $ $ $ $ like the Pros do on the Internet



Larry Loik is the creator of THE COMPLETE MARKETING SYSTEM a complete suite of Software technology to simplify & automate all your Online Marketing under one program.

He resides both in Las Vegas Nevada USA and In Kiev Ukraine the time with Offices in both locations working with Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, Corporations to help their financial bottom line grow exponentially.

He has vast experience around Money & Finances, Real Estate Investing, Marketing & Cutting Edge Internet Marketing. Larry produces amazing Informative and Entertaining events in numerous niches spanning Business, Personal Growth and Entertainment and Fashion. 

In the Business World, Mr Loik, produces events in the USA “How to Make Money Online Now” 

In The Fashion & Entertainment World, he does Promotions for MAGIC Fashion Convention, the largest Convention in the world Held Annually in Las Vegas. 

Larry was the talented host of the Nationally Syndicated Los Angeles KLSX 97.1 FM CBS Radio Show “THE NEW MONEY SHOW”. New Money Show on KLSX Los Angeles,. 

Mr Loik was Partners with Tony Robbins & was the largest franchisee of Anthony Robbins in the world & was personally trained by Tony himself. 

In addition, he is a sought after MC who Dazzles the crowd with a Balance of Entertainment & Content. 

His best-selling books, “THE NEXT BIG THING” & “THE EDGE” have reached the #4 Position on Amazon’s National Best Seller’s List. 

Larry has appeared on: CNBC, 97.1FM KLSX CBS Radio, KNX1070 AM L.A., New York Times, LA Times, PBS, Trinity Broadcast Network, Money Magazine, BloomBerg, KFWB 980 AM & Countless other Media Outlets. 

He is a professional speaker & speaks all over the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, England, Ireland & other countries. 

He was recently voted top speaker at the Largest Internet Marketing & Info Business Event In Moscow with over 1,000 people.

He has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Brian Tracy, and many other top experts in the nation. 

He also is the Developer of the world patented SqueezePage technology that can put a video opt-in page on any website. 

Larry Loik, has run venture capital companies, owned mortgage companies and founded The Reinclub-The Real Estate Investor Network.

He speaks 3 languages (Russian, French + English) and is an avid outdoorsman. He grew up in Canada and as a result has a passion for the game of Hockey and even played with Wayne Gretzky!


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