BUILD OWN MOBILE APP BUSINESS- SoLoMo Smart Biz-in-a-Box Program

BUILD OWN MOBILE APP BUSINESS- SoLoMo Smart Biz-in-a-Box Program
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(SoLoMo Smart Biz-in-a-Box package)


Be our Business Partner that comes with license to promote, awesome financial returns, 3.5 days of training/coaching and many more…


Do you know that 80% of Malaysians are now holding an iPhone or an Android phone (likely to be a Samsung one!)? We as consumers are spending a huge amount of time getting information from our mobile phones.


Mobile apps are the next generation information platform that all businesses need to get on to connect with customers, much like how the website revolution started way back in 1995.


Businesses are able to directly increase the sales revenue through targeted marketing on mobile apps:-


1. Send geo-fencing push messages with time sensitive offers to customers when they are near your business location so that customers buy more often.


2. Run mobile loyalty programs (no more cumbersome loyalty cards in wallet) to increase average revenue per customer.


3. Engage customers with gamification such as photo contest and puzzle games which encourages social sharing to increase new customer acquisition.


Your mobile app delivers increased revenue by directly increasing frequency of purchase, size of purchase and new customer acquisitions.


However developing a mobile app can be daunting. High cost of development in the tens of thousands, complicated to maintain are just some barriers to adoption.


But no more…


Why pay developers tens of thousands of dollars when you can build your own app?


Even better still if you can do it for your clients, leveraging on NPQ SoLoMo Mobile App platform to help your client build their mobile app as a powerful marketing, promotion and communication media.

This is a Smart Biz-in-a-Box where almost everything that you need to get started on building your own mobile app development business is available for you.

7 reasons why you should consider this start-up opportunity:

1) No technical knowledge required, no programming skills needs

2) Low start-up cost

3) Can build your business on full or part-time basis

4) Can do your business in any parts of the world

5) High Income potential if you follow our system and it can potentially gives you lifetime passive/residual income

6) All you need to get started is provided for, including marketing collaterals

7) Supported by a leading mobile app developer in Malaysia & Singapore, you do not need to worry about technical support for your clients


  1. TWO Full-Day SoLoMo DIY Workshop covering theory and hands-on of mobile app development.
  2. THREE Half-Day App Clinics in small group coaching format to answer in-depth questions on app development (online or offline)
  3. One Year NPQ Channel Partner Business Fee
  4. Business email address
  5. Affiliate online order link and access to online affiliate resource centre
  6. Marketing collaterals & tools provided
  7. Monthly partners briefing/ training

* Whitelabel arrangement is available for partners who want to build own branding 

The SoLoMo DIY Workshop:


Who should attend:-


1. Marketing Agencies (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Business Directories) who are looking to include mobile apps as part of the 360 marketing solutions for clients.


2. Web Developers who are looking for a way to leverage on their existing web development expertise to create native iOS and Android apps for their clients.


3. Individuals looking for the next big technology opportunity to start a business (We show you how to start an app development business. All revealed. Nothing hidden.).


What you will learn:-


1. The different options of app development.


2. What is Phonegap and why web developers should be excited about it.


3. What is SoLoMo Gen 2 and why non-programmers and programmers alike should be excited about it.


4. The technology architecture of rapid native app development using open HTML standards instead of iOS SDK and Android SDK.


5. What important functions should a business app have (hint: the most important one is that your app must be able to work WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION!).


6. How to use SoLoMo Gen 2 to create a native business app without any programming skills.


7. How to setup location-based push message to increase frequency of purchase.


8. How to create loyalty programs to increase average revenue per customer.


9. How to set photo contest and other gamification mechanisms to acquire new customers.


10. How to setup up iOS and Android developer accounts.


11. How to publish a native iOS app and Android app.


12. How to measure the Return On Investment of a business app.


13. Bonus topic:


How to start and run a highly profitable app development business with little startup capital?



 The SoLoMo Smart Biz-in-a-box packages is only RM2,999 (Official- without app).
Current Promotion Price*: RM1,697 + BONUS (you get to develop and publish 1 Android App with hosting for one year FREE, renewable at only RM420 after 1st year)

For those joining us as our Channel (Marketing) Partners, the fee wil include one year licensing fee (renewable yearly at US0)

If there is just ONE mobile app workshop you must attend, this would be the ONE.


Here's WHY:


1. NPQ is the No. 1 mobile app developer in Singapore and Malaysia, publishing more business apps per month than any other app developers. So obviously you should learn from the best (that's us).


2. NPQ clientele includes big names like Rockwills, KAMCO Aluminium, Pet Lovers Centre, Diamond Water, MCT, Titijaya, Hopan Hotels and even Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME). You would want to know why they chose our app solution.


Click below to see our list of clientele:-




3. NPQ is a thought leader in the digital marketing arena. We are frequent invited speakers at conferences and contributors of articles in leading business magazines. Our previous courses were conducted in collaboration with renowned universities such as NUS and HELP University.


Click to Download our published Case Studies of Mobile Apps for Different Businesses.


Workshop Dates and Details:-



24 – 25 MARCH 2014

(Mon & Tues)



Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur

117, Jalan Pudu

55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



*Course fee includes workshop materials, lunch and tea breaks.


Register now. For enquiries, email




My company, Wealth Foundation Pte Ltd (WF), engaged NetProfitQuest(NPQ) to create the company's mobile app through NPQ's SoLoMo App platform . NPQ managed to get the WF apps in both the Android and iPhone versions up and functional within a matter of months. The app’s overall feel was able to effectively convey WF's cherished values of dependability and professionalism. 

NPQ's commitment however, went beyond delivering a robust and aesthetically pleasing app. It is clear that NPQ understands that an app’s utility extends only as far as the client’s ability to fine tune the app’s functionality towards growing their business. To this end, NPQ conducts 3-hour training sessions entitled “App Clinic”.

…the App Clinic effectively demonstrates how the various modules could be matched to  different  marketing needs. I appreciated how the trainer shared about how other businesses have utilised the SoLoMo platform in ways in which even the people at NPQ themselves did not envisage. This demonstrated how flexible and expandable the SoLoMo app platform could be. The clinic encouraged me to think deeper about how WF could  effectively, and maybe even uniquely, leverage on the SoLoMo app platform. 

What was outstanding however, was the “Marketing Checklist” provided as part of the training notes. A set of 20 over questions that guides every participant to perform an audit of their own company's marketing processes and gaps, this checklist acted as a primer for me to consider previously unexplored avenues of marketing. NPQ of course strategically pointed out how the SoLoMo platform could be leveraged  for many of these marketing gaps. This in no way detracts from the value of the exercise since the learning points extracted from the exercise have significant relevance beyond the mobile platform. It would not be far fetched to say that for many companies just starting out, the marketing lessons learned at App Clinic may already be worth the price of the app. 

My experience with the SoLoMo app platform and NPQ's “App Clinic” suggests to me that rather than being the "techies" usually associated with software development companies, the people behind SoLoMo are marketers first.  In many ways, it is clear that the SoLoMo app platform simply manifested the founders' deep understanding of marketing principles. This comes through most starkly in how the elements and modules are not incorporated simply for technology's sake, but built in with an eye fixed clearly on its marketing purpose. With such strong grounding in marketing principles, clients of the SoLoMo platform could look forward to app upgrades that are created from the space of “What Works” rather than the often pyrrhic objective of “What’s Cool.”


– Clinton Yew, Manager




Brought to you by SoLoMo.Asia, Independent Channel (Marketing) Partner (for more info on our mobile app solution)


at Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur
117, Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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