Build Your Brand with Storytelling

Build Your Brand with Storytelling
Event on 2015-02-25 13:00:00

Storytelling is a way that we’ve connected as human beings for centuries upon centuries. It has allowed us to connect emotionally and mentally with each other, which is incredibly important for relationship building. In business, storytelling is an incredibly important part of marketing and brand building that is often overlooked.

In this workshop, led by Erin Blaskie, we’ll take a good look at why business’ need to be using storytelling in their marketing and why it is crucial to build a brand that customers come to know, like and trust.

Areas of discovery:

  • The know, like and trust factor and why it’s important for your business’ success
  • Why stories help our customers connect with us better
  • The types of stories that you need to share in your marketing (and what not to share)
  • How to spread those stories through social media, video, content platforms and online marketing methods such as e-mail marketing
  • The differences between your personal brand and your business brand and how to discern between the two

This workshop is perfect for anyone in business – whether you are an entrepreneur or you are on the marketing team of someone else’s company. Marketing and brand-building is something that all of us need to factor into our daily communications online and this workshop will help you do so with ease, grace and success.

Speaker Bio:

Erin Blaskie first got into computers when her dad handed her a Commodore 64. She was six years old. When the Internet became widely available, Erin started an online journal on the platform Open Diary and began sharing her thoughts with the world. She hasn’t stopped over-sharing since.

In the ten years since starting her first online business, Erin has helped numerous businesses come online, establish their web presence and create community. Erin’s primary expertise is in creating solid systems and processes for businesses but she also leads clients to leverage the power of the Internet to nurture community, create culture and inspire change.

Erin has worked with companies such as Disney, Post, Kraft, Travelocity, Microsoft Canada, Ford Canada, PepsiCo., 3M, Maple Leaf Canada, Canadian Tire, Alliance Films, Feld Entertainment, The Body Shop, TD Bank and more.

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