Building an ROI-focused Digital Marketing Strategy that Saves Time & Money

Building an ROI-focused Digital Marketing Strategy that Saves Time & Money
Event on 2016-01-28 18:00:00
About this workshop: Tech start ups face unique challenges when it comes to marketing.  From SEO and SEM to social media, email, and advertising it can be hard to determine what strategy will best help you achieve your business goals. This workshop will walk you through how to define your marketing goals, benchmarks for marketing budgets, what tactics to consider, and tactics your company should consider pre-launch, launch and post launch. You’ll Learn: How to define your digital marketing strategy What digital marketing tactics to consider based on your goals Basic benchmarks for marketing budgets based on average revenue goals for various types of tech start ups How various marketing tactics bring value to your company and/or sales efforts Determine what digital marketing tactics your company should be focused on based on your business goals Prelaunch, launch and post-launch strategies Basic digital marketing tracking Target Audience: Tech founders interested in developing or refining their marketing strategy Tech start up marketing managers Investors Workshop Schedule: Introduction (5 m) Benefits of digital marketing (5 m) Marketing budget standards (5m) Setting marketing goals (10m) Defining your marketing strategy (15m) Break (15m) Where to reach your target audience (15m) Defining your marketing tactics and value of various tactics (20 m) Prelaunch, launch and post launch strategies (20 m) Questions (15 m) Meet Your Instructor: Kim Pieper, Founder & President Digital Brinq, Kim founded Digital Brinq in 2010. Able to think on her feet and roll with the punches, Kim cut her teeth in one of the toughest industries we know: politics. She began her career as a campaign manager for a U.S. congressional campaign then moved into agency work developing marketing and fundraising strategies for LiveStrong Foundation, CBRE Richard Ellis and Scientific American Magazine, to name a few of her clients. Since at the helm at Digital Brinq, Kim has been the trusted technology advisor and connected media sherpa for Sears, Kmart, McKesson Pharmaceuticals, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and University of Phoenix. In the business world, she’s an ROI champion; in her personal life, she’s a yoga student, avid cross-country cyclist and less-than-successful puppy trainer. Prerequisites:  No prerequisite

at Galvanize
1062 Delaware St
Denver, United States

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