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  1. *Building SEO-Focused Pages to Serve Topics & People Rather than Keywords and Rankings* Published Jan 14, 2014 by +Moz Rand discusses how looking at people and their interests may drive more traffic in the long run more so then trying to rank for specific keywords. http://youtu.be/V5Ed8AsXl_0 #SEO

  2. Really enjoyed the video, start to finish – After getting ranked on a key phrase/word, could I move on to other phrases? How soon should I revisit those topics to ensure my ranking? I’m doing the soft launch in NE Ohio and here are some rankings – http://goo.gl/CBKOMu 

  3. Just when you thought you had all your keywords figured out, it’s time to move on to the next content writing ideas. It’s the nature of business I wonder how these ideas area going to affect WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO?

  4. Thanks Rand. A very educational video. I have a question – If keyword focused pages don’t rank so well now, why do I still see horrible keyword-crammed pages in my google search results?

  5. I just watched a webinar about this and people are having a lot of success doing this type of seo. Some people have a few pages and are ranking over 200 keywords rather than just specific singular keywords. This new trend will bring more traffic and sales. 

  6. Rand is promoting white hat techniques, that doesn’t mean companies taking advantage of black hat techniques are not still a threat to genuine SEOs. Google are aiming towards thwarting the dark arts, so why not practice this now? Thanks Rand!

  7. Great video… enjoyed a lot… will implement.. especially ‘Keyword Analysis’ part.. thx … waiting for next … I have few queries… Is anyone here who can respond from Moz?

  8. +Andrew Fortune i think tools like yoast are still great for optimizing the content-writing process, helping authors keep the copy focused and readable for human beings while staying within the optimal parameters for search engines

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