Building your business with Google

Building your business with Google
Event on 2013-04-02 09:30:00


Building a business or have a new business running and you need market research or feedback, ever tried using a Google Form?  How about embedding that form on your website so that more people visit your website. Google Forms are a great way to learn more about your target market? Imagine if it could also analyze the data and present it in a really nice format to stakeholders, investors, or even product designers, oh you can!  

Bogged down with all kinds of emails from clients or from co-workers? Well stop the email chaos and get using Google Docs. Save all kinds of time and effort by organizing this virtual office space. Google Docs allows you to cut down the clutter, work from anywhere, and work together in real time on important documents. Maybe you also even need a quick webpage that you can broadcast all over the internet-Google Docs does that too. 

You need to keep up with everything going on in your field so you probably spend a bunch of time online reading blogs and figuring out what is going on out there (if you’re not you should be spending some time doing this). Well now you don’t have to go to a million different sites you can just be told what is new and what you haven’t read yet by using Google Reader. Not sure where to go to look for a great blog on your subject, how about using Google Blog Search? Tired of searching for everything or visinting another place on the internet what about using Google Alerts effectively?

Perhaps one of the greatest features in the Google package is Google Voice and Video chat. Many people believe it is like Skype but Google takes it one step further than Skype and that is just one more reason to come and take part in this session.

If you’re looking for some really great office tools to help your business grow then come and check out what Google has to offer. 

Speaker Bio: 

Shawn MacDonell, CEO and Founder | Creativision Coaching and Consulting

Shawn is best known for his work as a professional coach both in life and in sports. Shawn has dedicated much of his life to helping others define success and then helping them achieve that success. Shawn has a unique ability to have a lot of fun with, to challenge, and to inspire people and companies all over the world who are looking to excel and grow.

Through his consulting role Shawn has had the chance to work all over the world with more than 200 companies from start-up, to small, even to some of the big names; Often helping those companies grow in ways they didn’t even realize that they could grow. Shawn’s creativity and brainstorming workshops have been what have propelled so many to look above and beyond what they are already doing. To learn more about Shawn and the work he does visit or send him an email at and take him out for a tea!

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