Building Your Social Media Persona: Tools and Creative Approaches

Building Your Social Media Persona: Tools and Creative Approaches
Event on 2014-02-08 10:00:00

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Presenter: Cynthia Fuhrman and TBD, Marketing + Communications at Portland Center Stage


By now, social media is largely accepted as a necessary tool in your marketing toolbox. As marketers for non-profits, however, we know that it is something of an illusion that these tools are “free,” and an equal illusion that a good post to Facebook will solve all marketing ills. As we spend more time and human resources on social media initiatives, we also need to make the case for—or against—the time and energy they require. How do we know if we’re using the right tools? How can we decide where to put our resources? And how do we make the case—to our managers, our boards—of the value of their participation in, and support of, social media?

 At this workshop, we will explore:

  • Developing compelling content and your voice in social media
  • Creating social media strategies that help you assess value and impact
  • Social media as engagement
  • Which social media tools are right for you?
  • Streamlining your social media marketing efforts
  • Recruiting and inspiring social media soldiers

While technical elements and practical skills will play a part in this workshop, we hope to spend even more time on philosophy and strategy, assessment and evaluation. We will use research (sorry, we love data!), real world case studies, and personal experience—so bring lots of yours!—to uncover the greatest values, and pitfalls, of social media marketing.

Cynthia Fuhrman is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portland Center Stage, and has held that role at several other companies: as Manager of Public Relations at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (’81 – 87), and Director of Marketing/Communications when OSF opened its Portland branch (‘88 – 94), and through its transition to Portland Center Stage (’94-98). Cynthia was the COO for eyescream interactive from ‘98-‘02, which was then the Northwest’s largest internet marketing agency. For five seasons, she was director of marketing and communications at Seattle Repertory Theatre (’03 – ’07). She currently serves on the board of Theatre Communication Group. 



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at East Portland Community Center
740 SE 106 AVE
Portland, United States

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