Building Your Web Presence – February 25 2015

Building Your Web Presence – February 25 2015
Event on 2015-02-25 10:00:00

Join us for a fun, interactive, and social workshop to learn how to get your business online and establish a web presence. Or maybe you already are online and want to increase website traffic. Either way, this workshop is for you because it will help you define and create marketing strategies to increase sales, improve your productivity online and develop a successful and engaging online presence.

This workshop educates, encourages and empowers you to build your web presence. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, or a business owner with a full service team, or a hobbyist, perhaps a professional writer, blogger, graphic designer, virtual assistant, or an administrative assistant looking to generate more traffic and/or sales for a client and/or corporate presence. No matter what your role, if you want to know more, this workshop is for you.

The Building Your Web Presence workshop hosts no more than 12 learners per session. These small workshops allow for every learner to have an opportunity to interact with the instructor one-on-one for hands-on web presence coaching, support, strategies and engagement tips unique to you business.

At the workshop:

  1. You’ll gain a stronger understanding of branding, content development, social media, SEO, design, and marketing strategies to build, grow and make your online presence work for you, even when you’re not hard at work.
  2. We will help you understand the tools and technologies available to improve productivity, which ones are right for you and your business, based on budget and platform resources. 
  3. We will discuss strategies to build your online presence, how to find and hire a creative team, what you really need to sell a product and/or a service online, while building relationships and networks online, maintaining them and keeping them engaged.
  4. Finally this workshop will jump into the marketing aspects of analytics and creating metrics, and how to go about changing traffic from prospects to opportunities to sales.


Everyone can benefit from learning how to build their online presence. We’re here to help you learn so you can maximize your personal and business presence online presence. We encourage you to push through limitations and barriers regardless of your technical skills. We’re here to help.


 What does the course include?

  1. Access to your lead instructor five days after training to help answer any questions and inquiries around the content delivered. We want your emails!
  2. A PDF copy of the workshop material delivered in advance, and a free download is always accessible from our website for your own reference and notes.
  3. A hard copy of material provided at the workshop, so there’s no need to print downloads in advance.
  4. Intimate class sizes so you can ask questions, discuss your online presence to gain valuable insight, tips, ideas and suggestions to win confidence and create engagement online. 
  5. Light refreshments and coffee is included.

Who should attend?

  1. Entrepreneurs who want to gain a better understanding of web technologies, social media engagement, content development, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Business owners who want to maximize their budget and resources and talk with their creative, marketing and technical teams.
  3. Business start-ups who would like to work collaboratively, and generate new ideas for their website.
  4. Enterprising people who want to create a business presence and don’t know how to start.
  5. Bloggers, writers, art directors, marketing coordinators, and project managers looking to develop a professional advantage over competitors.
  6. Students and recent graduates looking for tech training to leverage themselves as professionals in their industry.
  7. Managers looking to train a staff or team of people.
  8. New business owners looking for intimate class sizes to ask questions, get answers, tips, suggestions and insight to develop and refine their website.

No graphic design, social media, website development, marketing or advertising experience necessary. Just an appetite to know more.

What you can bring (but definitely not mandatory!)

  1. Your laptop (we’ll provide WiFi), pen or pencil, and a notebook for jotting down ideas and sketches.
  2. Bring your power cord.

 Workshop Content

Section 1 – Getting Your Online Presence Started
Section 2 – Building Your Online Presence and Start Creating Engagement
Section 3 – Understanding Online Marketing to Generate Analytics
Section 4 – Changing Website Traffic into Prospects & Opportunities


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Can't make this workshop? No worries! The next one is a happening soon.

Looking for the same content but in a one-on-one session? We have training and consultion sessions available to suit your schedule.


*This venue is not wheelchair accessible.

*If for any reason you cannot make the workshop check out our refund policy.

at 25 Dunlop Street East
Third Floor
Barrie, Canada

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