Bulgarian Technology Firms to be Showcased at The Gateway Summit 2004 at Stanford University; Event to be Webcast by Speedera Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2004

More than 20 Bulgarian companies and 30 Bulgarian-owned businesses based in California will participate in the three-day ‘Gateway Summit 2004’, Bulgaria’s largest technology event in the U.S. The kick-off for this event will be a one-day conference held in the heart of the Silicon Valley, at Stanford University’s Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center in Palo Alto, California on Nov 29, 2004.

The second and third day of the BulgariaHiTech Summit will feature exclusive meetings with leading Silicon Valley companies. In addition, as part of the Bulgaria HiTech Tour in the United States, the Bulgarian delegation will have meetings with companies in Seattle and Washington, D. C. led by top Bulgarian Government representatives.

The Gateway Summit 2004, organized by BulgariaHiTech, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Bulgarian Government, will allow participating companies and their CEOs to showcase their technology, services and products to financial and hi-tech companies, venture capitalists and angel investors. Bulgaria is participating in the Silicon Valley Summit with a 40-member delegation, led by Finance Minister Milen Velchev.

“This ground-breaking event and launch of the BulgariaHiTech Tour 2004/05 will demonstrate how Bulgarian resources can play a key role in creating a competitive advantage through the execution of new strategies in the U.S. and European markets,” said Vassil Mladjov, founder of BulgariaHiTech. “Our keynote speakers and panelists will discuss the benefits and challenges of doing business in Eastern Europe and demonstrate how U.S. firms can draw from this region to optimize business profits. We are proud to introduce Bulgaria’s new technology frontier in Eastern Europe to emerging and established Silicon Valley companies, and we look forward to bringing these business opportunities together.”

BulgariaHiTech expects more than 400 conference delegates at the one-day conference, with speakers representing Stanford University, Citigroup, Cisco, HP, Lazard, Sciant, BASSCOM and Mobissimo, as well as a number of hi-tech associations and key Bulgarian government officials.

The Gateway Summit 2004 will be webcast live from Stanford University, with the help of Speedera Networks’ SpeedSuite streaming services and its globally distributed delivery network. All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing after the conference. “Users who were not able to attend this exclusive conference in person will be able to watch it in its entirety from their desktops anywhere in the world.” said Ajit Gupta, president and CEO of Speedera Networks.

“BulgariaHiTech Summit is the first major exhibition and conference that has been devoted principally to the Bulgarian offshore outsourcing proposition and investment opportunities,” said Simeon Nestorov, Managing Director of BulgariaHiTech. “I think it will be immensely successful in raising the awareness in a professional way of consumers of outsourcing services, both in the Unite States and the European Union.”

“To show our commitment to the high-tech sector and to further promote foreign investment in Bulgaria, we are proud to announce the upcoming BulgariaHiTech Tour 2005 and the Sofia HiTech Summit, which are scheduled to take place in the spring of 2005 in Bulgaria,” added Mr. Mladjov. U.S., Asian and EU companies and investors will be able to meet and explore opportunities first hand during the Sofia HiTech Summit,”

Registration for the Gateway Summit 2004 at Stanford University is free.

To register and for additional information on The BulgariaHiTech Tour 2004/05, contact BulgariaHiTech at 415.420.2883 or visit http://www.bulgariahitech.com.

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