Bullied boy battles back

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18 Responses to Bullied boy battles back

  1. eddiievendin says:

    What a fucking pussy, just get a knife or a bat and beat the fuck out of 2 people at once or something, that’s not really a challenge when you have a weapon. but those fucking bullies get pretty scared, Just beat them brutally or kill one guy. Can’t be too hard..

  2. Ruairi670 says:

    not drafted, immediately moved to the farest corner of the earth :)

  3. ThunderAppeal says:

    I was picked on in 3rd grade, I finally punched the bully in the face and he learned his lesson.

  4. flinkejongenn says:

    not specificly UFC but.. just train some, learn some punches

  5. flinkejongenn says:

    billy, start practising UFC, please, i know bullies like no other, ive been bullied 2years ago. The guy did it becuz i was shorter than him. he found it cool en laughed, after a few weeks, training secretly, i knew the basic technique to fuck a punk up. so he did it again and i broke his nose, now he wont pick om me. Im just sayin, for the guys who are getting bullied, tellin your parent isnt gonna help for shit, just show them you mean it. whatever if they’re bigger. just show some heart..

  6. Schazla says:

    and another reason is that i hate violence im not a hipi but i dont like hurting people not with a fist and not with words

  7. Schazla says:

    shit is not to be touched thats my slogan it works for shit and 4 bullys ps. saw him beaten the other day but some guy

  8. Schazla says:

    thx 4 the support but i must have done something wrong in my past life cuz i am as weak as shit, iv got kidney stones,….

  9. Nathan LaPierre says:

    lol that makes no sense. most of these bullies are kids.

  10. axelpayne69 says:

    Bullies are often those who seek attention, and in some cases, they’re often misguided. Yes, if they do turn into menaces to society, then Prison is the only way. My only concern is the rehabilitation of bullies, and sadly enough, not all bullies can change their misbegotten ways, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on the fight against bullying.

  11. TheMarinesniperz says:

    I understand what you meant by it because the Military teaches discipline amongst other things. but in the Military you don’t just go to change who you are, you go because you want to be there. and Yes it could help them see the Greater purpose in life, but if it doesn’t then what happens? and on the event that they do turn into hardened criminals everyone’s luck eventually runs out, and they will go to Prison.

  12. WTFuuckFaggot says:

    take some mma classes bro

  13. axelpayne69 says:

    Not exactly! I see it as their last chance to change their ways and redeem themselves to society, because if left alone, most likely these punks will turn into hardened criminals.

  14. TheMarinesniperz says:

    I’m guessing by that comment you think that the sending people like that to U.S Military would be a form of Punishment? Everyone that is currently Enlisted in the Military has many things in common, for example. They didn’t have to be asked to join, were not forced to join, and are proud to Serve our country. and if you think it’d be a good Disciplining plan for these kids, you have to actually have the MOTIVATION, to persevere through it. The Military wouldn’t take people without those 2 things

  15. Rompcom says:

    “Battles Back” means you punch the bully in the face, not go on the Matt Lauer show.

  16. stevie caldwell says:

    All bullies are secretly gay

  17. berkant323 says:

    Der neue Ton WENN man gefaellt mir Drück IST richtig geil: D

  18. TheEpicmoviess says:

    In Australia u could go 2 jail 4 that

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