Business 101 Spring 2015 Class

Business 101 Spring 2015 Class
Event on 2015-02-24 17:30:00

Business 101 is not Your Ordinary Training Program!

*All-inclusive 9-week customized program that includes real world expertise from small business owners

*Offers the opportunity for participants to have all their questions and concerns answered

*Participate in strategic planning 

*Establish a firm foundation of what small business is all about

Who Needs This Program!

*New business start-up or growing business (that need a refresher)

*Employees of a small business that want to add value and support in their job

*Anyone desiring knowledge and growth of entrepreneurship and how a business works

We Believe…

…that the road to success begins with a passion for an idea, a business plan on research and analysis, the persistence to pursue the vision, and by attending Business 101 will ensure your success.

Our Offer to YOU…

*Fees to attend this event are all-inclusive for the 9-week program beginning February 24, 2015 and ending April 28, 2015  (every Tuesday) 

*Cost to attend is a 0 investment (ask about how to qualify for a Scholarship)

 Better Decisions! Better Results!

Key Takeaways:

Session 1  Becoming an Entrepreneur

Session 2  Financial Information & Business Success

Session 3  Intellectual Property, Legal Structure and Government Regulations

Session 4  Essentials of Market Research

Spring Break – March 24 – Off

Session 5  Market Analysis

Session 6  Social Media Marketing and Strategies

Session 7 Building your Financial Foundation

Session 8  Cash Flow 101

Session 9 Financing, Crowdfunding, and SBA

Please contact Larry Waye or Donna Whitten with any questions at 256-686-2999 or

at Decatur Morgan County Entreprenurial Center
1629 4th Avenue SE
Decatur, United States

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