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  1. Absolutly stupid and a waste of ibms time fire her WASTE OF TIME shes invented herself a job good job scamming ibm and ACTING creative LOSER

  2. Thanks for that explanation. I didn’t get that from the film. It just seemed like a data mining concept presentation. Good luck with your endeavors.

  3. The difference is speed and volumes of data. Rather than days or weeks of ETL, a model is set up in advance, built into an existing infrastructure and run through a predictive model to provide an immediate answer on demand.

  4. Everything I fall in love with at the grocery stores moves slow and doesn’t stay on the shelves long. As an example; Bigelow Organic Green Tea which has the lowest sugar content and calories of all similar products, (except Honest Tea and TAZO, which are both hard to find), was removed. Green Tea with a high amount of calories and a high sugar content (like Arizona Tea’s version) seems to defeat the purpose to me.

  5. This is just one example. *Why does the better product move slower and need to be taken off the shelves? Because Arizona Tea understands marketing better than Bigelow. The trends of what happens at the grocery store level doesn’t help Bigelow. Why isn’t their target group educated? Because of the lack of consumer education from their end.

  6. Joe Granville was a part of my financial career. Now Vincent Granville is my data mining guru @analyticbridge for predictive analytics.

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