Business blogging and Content Marketing

Business blogging and Content Marketing
Event on 2013-06-13 09:15:00


Content Marketing is the art of creating great and meaningful content for your customers. This could include a regular newsletter, video tutorials, E-Books and even your blog. It’s one of the best ways to nurture a long term relationship with your client and reduce your cost per lead but it isn’t easy and it requires a commitment of time.


By the end of this training session you will understand more about content marketing and blogging for business. You will have some great ideas about how to generate content and how to continue to do so and you will learn how to convert that content into leads and long term customers. You will also know more about the importance of blogging for business.

·         Introduction to content marketing
·         How to get inspiration and create content
·         How to plan content
·         How to get the most from your content
·         Introduction to blogging for business
·         What makes a great business blog
·         How to plan your posts
·         How to get the most from your blog

          How to promote your blog

at Old Broadcasting House
148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, United Kingdom

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