Business Breakfast Meeting – Lambeth North

Business Breakfast Meeting – Lambeth North
Event on 2015-05-20 06:45:00
BNI Lambeth North, South London A Group of Business People Focussed on Finding Each Other Business! My name is Jimi Sayo and last year I celebrated my first year anniversary as a BNI member.  But I never imagined I'd join in the first place.  Let alone re-new the membership after a year. I'm sure you've been on the receiving end of the following scenario: It's a networking event, or a training where you're meeting a lot of people for the first time.  And a couple of them come to you offering their business cards or brochures.  My heart sinks as I hear the all too familiar spiel: "Hi! My name is {insert name here} and I offer/do/provide {insert profession here}.  Here's my card for next time you want to {insert what I may need to do/buy/repair here}" Then moments later, they're hunting down the next recipient of another one of their business cards.  Because their purpose is to sell to the room.  Would I really consider giving several hundred pounds to a total stranger claiming to be a web designer?  I may as well stab a pin in a phone directory and choose that way.  And I don't have to get out of bed for that. Business cards collected like this gather dust in a growing pile in a cupboard or shoe-box until a clear-out and a shredder turn them into confetti for the compost drum.  You only sell to people in the room when you're at a Meet The Buyers event and they expect to be sold to.  They get paid to be sold to.  If like me, you're not a buyer, then like me, you resent being sold to. The purpose of networking is making your business opportunities stronger by collaborating with others.  IT stops you from operating like a lone ranger without the expense of hirig.  You spend , regular, quality time with others like you and each week you come away thinking, I never knew that about  {insert name here} or {insert profession here}.  And they're thinking the same about you. As the mutual trust grows, so do the mutual referrals.  And the larger the gathering of trusted providers, the larger the volume of business passing hands week after week.  Yours is the first name on their lips when they, or someone they know needs what you have to offer.  And you're doing the same for them as you go about your business and listen out for their opportunities. Fellow BNI members will use your services once they've got to know and trust that you're not a blink and miss it networker. Fellow BNI members will verbally sing your praises to other members in the network, to friends and family, once happy with your level of service. Fellow BNI members will write a written testimonial about their experience using your service that gives you something concrete and tangible (often on their letter headed note-paper) and which you can also copy and paste to add to your web site. But for this to happen, they need to know and trust you.  This is why we encourage membership and we meet weekly.  For 60 seconds each week, we deliver bite-sized nuggets of information and awareness about what differentiates us from the competition.  I wouldn't recommend someone for a £20,000 kitchen re-fit if I haven't seen or heard from them in over a month.   And when my mother needed a massage, I took her to see a professional massage therapist that I'd met at a BNI breakfast meeting.  Why her, of the dozens of massage therapists listed online (that I didn't bother approaching anyway)?  Because I'd heard testimonials from others that had used this lady's service.  This gave me the confidence to use her.  And recommend her to others. This is how BNI works. This is why BNI works. And this is why BNI has members around the world who have renewed their membership year after year.  People that recognise that networking is more than just a social jolly, but a seriously cost effective marketing tool. I'd love you to join me and others and experience this powerful business practice for yourself.   Are you a local business based in South London, covering Vauxhall, Kennington, Oval, Brixton, Stockwell, Victoria, and surrounds?  Would you like a competitive advantage for reaching a steady stream of new clients who are eagerly awaiting your call? Even if you're not ready to join, you are welcome to visit as long as the group does not have a member who offers the same services that you do.  That's why membership locks out any competition. Come and join us for breakfast where we discuss and share business tips and business leads.  We exchange information on local events, trainings and opportunities.  The kind of information that wouldn't turn up on your pillow if you were still asleep. The Lambeth North BNI group is looking for local businesses that pride themselves on quality delivery and happy customers that we can boast about on your behalf. See below for a sample list of the professions we welcome. The Oasis Community Centre, Lambeth North is where local businesss meet every Thursday morning to exchange business Source: Oasis Tennis Club on Tumblr We look forward to welcoming you and learning more about your business.  We'd love you to be a part of the gathering and love to welcome visitors and new faces. If you are coming please bring Plenty of business cards (at least 30) Something to say about your business for 60 seconds £12.00 A buffet breakfast with tea and coffee is available. Our meetings are fun and friendly. They give you the opportunity to deliver a 60 second presentation – including who you are, what you do, why you’re different/good and what sort of referral you are looking for. A great tip is to repeat your name at the end, and what you do.  Include a tagline if you have one for your business. As said earlier, for those that decide to join, they lock out all competition as we allow only one person per profession to join. Do visit before your business category is sealed off to competing visitors. If you would like to arrange to visit us, get in touch! Available positions: Mortgage Broker, Business Coach, Kitchen Fitter, Carpet Fitter, Plumber; Heating Engineer; Buildings Surveyor, Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Sales and Lettings Agent, Removal Company, Storage Company, IT Consultant, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Pest Controller, Stone Floor Cleaner, Stone Mason, Book Keeper, Events Planner, Printer, Massage Therapist, Electrician, Roofer, Tiler, Sign Maker, Funeral Director, Dentist, Family Law Solicitor; Immigration Solicitor, Security Consultant, SEO Specialist, Jewellwery Designer; Travel consultant; Interior Designer, If you'd be interested in an afternoon alternative instead, please get in touch and let me know. Jimi Sayo, Director Consultant – BNI Lambeth North

at Oasis Centre
1 Kennington Road,
Lambeth, United Kingdom

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