Business Card Recycling

Business Card Recycling

Image by System One Gang
Outdated business cards put to a great use…

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5 Responses to Business Card Recycling

  1. Mieng Saetia says:

    how could this image go for over a year without anyone commenting on it?!? that is freakin awesome! did you make that?

  2. System One Gang says:

    We’ve given up the hope too… Christoph, on of our dev-guys did it, assumable to also have tangible math around him and not only rely on stuff in his IDE. It’s an adaption of hxa7241s work at .

  3. Electronick says:

    Excellent 😉

  4. flowerpistol says:

    Kewl! Thanks for the diy link.

  5. Mr. Vivansky says:

    wish i could do that with my old business cards. is there a guide for that kind of origami?

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