Business Computing Weekly # 380: Microsoft’s Nightmare Comes True https iTunes Podcast: PodOmatic: Episode # 380 recorded December 9th 2012. This week the show focuses on a recent article by Business Insider discussing how Microsoft is losing to it’s competitors on multiple fronts. This nightmare scenario is unfolding right now. We then turn to the recent announcement the Google is ending the free version of Google Apps.
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4 thoughts on “Business Computing Weekly # 380: Microsoft’s Nightmare Comes True

  1. I’m still happy with my Windows 7 platform! If it isn’t broken, why fix it? I also use Thunderbird as my email client. It is much more stable than Outlook! I did have a BIG challenge, however, converting and transferring my .pst stuff and contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. It’s not a project I recommend for the faint at heart. I have it set up as POP3, but some hot spots around town block POP3 and/or SMTP!

  2. to expencife. its also in the car world.many looking at classic American car. many buy those. bytheway microsft office 2003 came with outlook for home user I don t use a tablet I use netbooks.battery life is t good. Motorola xoom goes 10 houres.microsft as I understand 4 houres

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