Business leader Howard Jacobson interviews “The Reconnective Journey” presenter Tim Emerson in a live teleseminar Monday, April 15 at 1 p.m. EDT

(PRWEB) April 13, 2013

When Reconnective Healing practitioner Tim Emerson was approached by Howard Jacobson, author of Google AdWords for Dummies, owner of and — in other words, a coach whose clients are themselves business owners he was floored. Jacobson wanted to promote Emersons The Reconnective Journey: Get Unstuck, Heal your Life, and Live your Dreams, an 8-week teleclass combined with group healings and with The Reconnection, an energy-frequency alignment process. Monday, April 15, Jacobson will host a live interview with Emerson about The Reconnective Journey, at 1 p.m. EDT; registration and call details are available at

So why? To help my clients who know what to do, how to do, and why they’re doing it — and yet they still are bumping up against some invisible barrier that keeps them stuck, explains Jacobson. Emersons clients report clicking into place, new insight, a pervasive ease and relaxation I don’t remember feeling since I was a kid, a stronger sense of self, working like the energizer bunny ever since, a smooth speedy path since, possibilities are opening up, and I havent been happy in a long time, and you dont even realize you arent until you suddenly are, among several other testimonials on, The Reconnective Journeys web page. Jacobson himself has been a client, and his comments are listed too, along with other business owners and individual testimonials.

Emersons page is also an impressive exercise in providing free content up front. Marketing is showing people what you do, maintains Emerson, and several video presentations on his page do exactly that, including Why were stuck, What keeps us stuck, and How to get unstuck in 9 Steps, 12 Misperceptions about the Law of Attraction and what to do about them, Leaving the Comfort Zone, Facing Fears, and Why to do it (the Heros Journey), and several more. Emerson is also the author of the forthcoming book, Getting Unstuck: Healing your Life, and maintains a popular Facebook page and his own Kwan Yin Healing site, including free teleseminar recordings and free meditation and self-healing tips, along with his blog and forum material. His business model also strongly rewards early sign-ups with generous discounts.

Emerson started formalizing his work after the economy sank in 2007. I heard people continually talk about finding jobs, changing careers, and starting or expanding business as something that simply couldnt happen until the economy recovered and its simply not true, notes Emerson. My professional business writing students were getting jobs while still in the course, he adds. Emerson also ran a successful business consulting business prior to teaching. Every time, the problem was the same, he explains. People wanted me to fix the other people, blind to the reality of the role they themselves played in creating the problem instead.

People keep seeking new approaches, new techniques, new strategies, but these just end up in a growing pile of interesting but partial solutions, Emerson observes. The Reconnective Journey is a comprehensive sweep through the physical, then the emotional, then the mental, and only then adding spiritual and finally the awareness components. The point is to use what we have to build an increasingly solid foundation so that the normally elusive elements fit firmly in place in a way that makes sense and generates practical, demonstrable differences, Emerson stresses. The process is heavily supported by Reconnective Healing work, both group sessions and The Reconnection, a two-day procedure included in the program.

We are energyfrequency and vibration. Nothing else. Yet we act in defiance of this basic reality. Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie got it and preached it, interviewing hundreds of successful people who likewise stressed this. But it remains a mystery to the masses. Thats not necessary. Its not really that hard, says Emerson, adding this clarification. Its like having an automobile with 95% of the engine ever more polished and better engineered. Yet, as long as that 5% is missing or not working well, that cars not going anywhere. And Im about moving people into results by cleaning out that usually ignored 5% and integrating it into the other 95% that they already do well. His page includes a video explanation of Levels of Being and Raising Vibration in practical terms.

Emersons business, Kwan Yin Healing, was organized in January, 2012, to house his growing clientele looking for not only physical healing, but also relieving emotional and mental turmoil, realizing spiritual awareness in down to earth ways, and realizing practical. This is the first time Ive formally offered this program, so the cost is much lower than next time, once road tested, explains Emerson. The goal is to put together a supportive group ready to journey beyond their limits to a personal transformation that extends into their day to day life in solid, observable ways.

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