Business Plan : Examples and Best Practices of Business Plan Writing

Business plan Guide can found here Writing a business plan can be challenging. In this episode of StartmeUp Videos, Dr….

16 thoughts on “Business Plan : Examples and Best Practices of Business Plan Writing

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  2. This is great! Clearly, Ryerson is advocating the need to detail exactly how you are going to make money from the ground up. The concepts of X calls, to Y this, and Z that, is WAY better than 10,000 customers in my region and all I need is 1%. I don’t think that Ryerson is saying not to do the latter market analysis, but to use that as a means to an end.

  3. I found a great fill-in-the-blank business plan concept on amazon from a company called Progressive Business Consulting. I ordered their Business Plan for a Frozen Yogurt Store and was very pleased with the editable CD I received. Asuncion Barrizonte

  4. I’ve run successful business without having a business plan.  However, usually if you are seeking investors, than an effective business plan would probably come in handy but not always a must.

  5. Very good video. The techniques are very good. The biggest challenge is creating the business plans. I had a a couple of startups in the Mobile , Technology and Ecommerce space myself and I always found planning for funding is the biggest challenge.

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