Businesses Craving Sales Expertise: Top 5 Frank Online Marketing Show Episodes Revealed by Canadian e-Commerce Expert, Tema Frank

Edmonton, Alberta (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

Canadian e-commerce and online marketing expert, Tema Frank, reported today that the five most-listened to episodes of the Frank Online Marketing Show ( all have to do with improving sales.

Theres clearly a need for more information about how to sell effectively online and offline, notes Ms. Frank, host of Canadas only podcast devoted entirely to helping Canadian small and mid-sized businesses succeed online. And it is not just Canadian companies feeling that pain; a lot of listeners come from the United States and elsewhere too.

The weekly internet radio show (podcast), which is sponsored by IBM Canada, launched in October 2012. These are the five most listened to episodes:

1. Inexpensive Video Tricks to Boost Your Online Marketing. YouTube is now second only to Google as a place where people do searches. That means that video is becoming hugely important. Expert Dave Phillips, founder of Ubervideo, says the most important advice for producing effective online marketing videos is to have useful content, a lapel microphone for good sound quality, and good lighting. If youve got a window and a sunny day you dont even need to have professional lighting equipment.

2. Startup Tic Talking Helps Advertisers Find Their Perfect Audience. While it is too early to say for sure how successful startup Tic Talking will be, it has developed a conversational equivalent to Pinterest that will let advertisers target niche customers with laser focus. By listening to the conversations, advertisers will even know what types of wording to use to be most effective with their Tic Talking audience, who are likely to be product enthusiasts.

3. No More Salesmen: How an Industrial Products Company Grew While Getting Rid of Outside Sales Staff. Calgarys Optimum Energy Products has invested steadily in sales and e-commerce related technology, with the result that routine follow-up is handled smoothly and efficiently and staff are free to offer great service to potential customers who call-in. Theyve also been careful to make catalogs, photos, videos and webpages all SEO friendly. The result is theyve been profitable steadily and no longer need any outside sales staff.

4. How to Sell Online Without Upsetting Retail Partners. Lorex Technology, of Markham, Ontario, sells its products through its website and through retailers at the same time. It minimized channel conflict by selling some different products online from those sold by retailers, letting retailers sell new products before they show up in the company web store, and never competing directly with promotions going on in stores.

5. Market Research + Niche = Great Product & Profits. Victoria-based FunctionFox, a company that has grown to over 1,000 customers in 100 countries, created a timesheet product that could have been used in many different industries, but they chose a tight focus on advertising agencies and small design firms. Then they verified that there was a market by calling 400 companies in their target audience to find out what solution they were currently using and how it could be improved.

The top blog post, however, appealed to Twitter lovers or haters: Are the Twitterati Snobs? In this article Tema Frank takes on the social media marketing gurus, arguing that it can be okay to use hashtags outside of Twitter.

Businesses, bloggers, and others interested in online marketing are encouraged to pass on suggestions of Canadian companies doing e-commerce for Tema Frank to interview on the Frank Online Marketing Show, as well as any questions they have about selling online, search engine optimization, e-commerce or marketing strategy. Contact Tema Frank via the website (, on social media or by telephone.

Frank Online Marketing helps Canadian companies profit from the Internet, either by selling online or by using the web to promote their services effectively. It also help non-Canadian companies figure out how to make money selling to Canadians.

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