Businesses Not Profiting from Social Media Get In-depth Strategies from FB Ads Lab New Video Revealing the Three Costly Mistakes on Facebook

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

Businesses that do not interact. Businesses that do not have a plan. Businesses that think selling on Facebook cant be done. These were the highlights of the latest FB Ads Lab video conducted by the founder of the full-service digital agency, Jennifer Sheahan. The revealing new video posted on the companys website covered a wide range of scenarios, strategies, and viewer questions that could help businesses currently not profiting from social media to turn their fiscally challenging situation around.

Sheahan shares with viewers, When we were preparing the notes for this, we came up with 30 mistakes that we found on Facebook. Thirty mistakes are a bit overwhelming Were going to just cover three mistakes to avoid, strategies that work now, what offers work best, and how you can position yourself to have an offer that works best.

Sheahan doesnt waste time in the video and goes right for mistake number one, which she refers to as the all work, no play approach. The FB Ads Lab founder underscores the fact that Facebook, like all other social networks, is a social platform. When businesses only push consistently for sales and never genuinely engage with their followers, Sheahan warns that customer loss is likely to follow suit.

She instead recommends businesses to implement a simple formula. She remarks, You should interact on Facebook by being real, natural, and honest. Just be yourself. You will attract other people who are like you and think just like you if you are just like you Far too many business owners post nonsense and never interact. They wonder why they have no engagement on their pages. Thats a huge mistake.

Among the ideal ways to engage customers or followers on the social network are using peoples names, liking their comments, and posting replies when comments are made on particular posts. According to Sheahan, these simple tasks easily establish connections with followers on Facebook.

Businesses that do not have a solid plan going into any social network is second on Sheahans list of costly mistakes. Saying that social media is a huge time suck, not having content and ad strategy plans would mean wasting precious investment. Sheahan recommends, A simple formula is to figure out three social networks that are best for your market. They might be Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Instagram is interesting as well for some businesses, especially visual ones.

Sheahan also advises using a tracking system, which can determine whether FB ads sales are on target or if visitors to the companys Facebook page are even converting to sales. The FB Ads lab founder goes on to suggest, You need to have an email autoresponder whether you use Office Autopilot, MailChimp, Aweber or Infusionsoft. You want to follow up with people once theyve gotten to your website and opted in for your free report, gift, or video.

Sheahan points to the misconception that Facebook isnt a viable platform for selling as mistake number three. She tells viewers, You can sell on Facebook. We do it all the time. Our clients do it every day You just need to be smart about it This is the social traffic sales strategy that we recommend. Know what offers work best. Fill your funnel with targeted buyers. Follow up, interact, engage, and entertain. Then, ask directly for the sale. Its very straightforward.

What about offers that call attention and make pretty good profits on the social network? Sheahan says that anything related to entertainment, services, tourism (hotels and vacation), self-improvement (i.e., courses, seminars, and investing), and ecommerce are the usual kinds of offers that work best on Facebook.

Sheahan remarks about ecommerce, It is very powerful. If you have an ecommerce website I highly encourage you to talk to us We have a whole division working only with ecommerce websites.

FB Ads Lab is a full-service digital agency that specializes in Facebook PPC ads. Run by Jennifer Sheahan, who is an experienced and sought-after public speaker on a wide-range of marketing topics, FB Ads Lab has worked with some of the industrys best, including luminaries that have worked on US President Barack Obamas re-election campaign. To know more about strategies for better FB ads conversion and to watch the rest of Sheahans illuminating video, go to the FB Ads Lab website today.

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