Businesses turn to marketing on Facebook

Businesses turn to marketing on Facebook
“You can have the most beautiful website in the world,” said Christina Brown, creative director for Savy, the firm in Bend with the BTL account, “but without content you're not going to get too much traffic to it.” The BTL investments in its branding …
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Website ranks Sanibel as 'most boring' city in Florida
This website based its rankings on solely on demographic statistics, crunching numbers based on average age (older = bad), the percentage of married couples (more = bad), and the number of households with kids (more = bad). But Guido said between the …
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A Fast Way to Boost Direct Bookings – And Why You Won't Do It | By Babs S
Soak in these facts, per NetAffinity: "Blogging is more effective than social media and SEO in increasing website traffic. Also, leads attained through inbound marketing methods like blogging cost 60% less than those captured with outbound methods.".
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