BUSY WONDER WOMEN…CREATE your NEW LOVE Story with Renee Piane (Love Expert)

BUSY WONDER WOMEN…CREATE your NEW LOVE Story with Renee Piane (Love Expert)
Event on 2012-12-24 18:00:00
Too Busy to find MR Right? Are You Ready for LOVE?
It's time to Manifest your MAN!
*Not sure you are in the right relationship or keep
attracting the wrong men?
* Are you Serious about finding Love but you are so busy?
* Newly single, confused and not sure where to start?
* Not getting men to commit or getting results with online dating
and feel frustrated?

Join me and get the support you need on your Quest for LOVE

Internationally known president of Rapid Dating,
Love Reinvention Specialist & Dating Expert, Radio host & Author of

New class starts Monday May 2nd for 6 weeks
ends on Monday June 13th (we skip May 30th due to Memorial day)
Live in Marina Del Rey or by phone
6:00-7: 45 pm PST
If you want to Understand, Meet and Attract the Man of your Dreams…
This 6 week Seminar offers a foolproof customized,
plan of action and the steps tailored specifically for YOU to achieve your LOVE Vison.

* You will recieve weekly MP3's of each Class and weekly Chapters
from Renee's new E-book "SECRETS into the Minds of Men"
and a *FREE BONUS* 30 Minute session with Renee (value 0.00)

Spice up your LOVE life!
Renee Piane will share her magical “Secrets” gathered from working with Men for over 17 years…
*Learn what makes men tick and commit.
*How busy women can create balanced,
fun and sensual relationships while being a Wonder Women.
*Great for married women and single women who need a Tune-up

What makes men commit and be faithful?
* Ask for the TRUTH~ the Absolute Signs he is ready or not to be exclusive.
* Get Real" ~ The 7 Mis-takes Wonder Women make when looking for love
* Wake up ~ to signs to know if he is committed!
* Renee's magical formula to "TEST Drive" the relationship
* How to discuss Sex and commitment issues without making men RUN!
* Learn How to Manifest the Love You Want NOW
from the comfort of your home.

TESTIMONIALS : “Renee has truly helped me with my relationship concerns/issues and has uncovered the foundation of all this negativity. She is truly “my angel” and has made me see the light in my darkest times. I truly believe in myself and know that I will find that special gentleman to share my life with very soon. Renee has shared her techniques, real-life experiences, kind words, and prayers with me. My days are shining brighter now, thanks to Renee. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”
– Rosa Mancari

" Dear Renee, I have taken one of your "Secrets in the Minds of Men'seminars and loved it. I broke up almost two months ago from a nine month relationship with someone who could not commit. Your work empowered me to evaluate my life and make choices from a stronger place. I recommend your work to all my friends. thank you so much!You renewed my faith in love!
-Andrea L

I used to rush into realtionships and dated a series of Bad boys! After going throught Renee's Secrets Seminar and doing some private coaching, I am in my power and have 2 men courting me and I love it! I am ready for a comitted relationship with an amazing man and taking my time now. I am using Renee's techniques and test driving these relationships and it is amazing how it really works!. Renee is so supportive and direct and she truly Cares! Renee's SECRETS and her loving lenergyand wisdom changed my entire realtionship to men and love forever! You are the BEST!
-C F San Fransico

I am committed to helping you achieve your goals in Love and business more love to come

Renee Piane Campanella
Love ReInvention Specialist
President of Rapid Dating
& Rapid Networking
Author of Love Mechanics
Renee at ReneePiane dot com
Office: 310- 827-1100
Fax: 310-496-0940

at Marina Del Rey
13755 Fiji Way
Marina Del Rey, United States

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