Button Remapping – This should be a standard feature on all video games!

Petition: http://tinyurl.com/buttonRemapPetition Why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK5kCaGk1CY Button remapping should be a standard feature in all video g…

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18 Responses to Button Remapping – This should be a standard feature on all video games!

  1. ReeceyGamerTag Uk says:

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  2. Rory Cresswell says:

    The WiI versions allowed full button customisation for the Wiimote.

  3. LazereyeHD says:

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  4. 898pppPR2 says:

    Everyone should have the right the game! It can’t ever hurt, so there’s no reason to not have it. There are pros, and there are no cons. So why not, game designers? Why the hell not?

  5. ILIKETRAINS510 says:


  6. Jac Duggs says:

    Yes i think

  7. Eric Blaze says:

    It’s for gamers with no hands. I guess they have to re map it so it’s easier to play with your feet and/or mouth.

  8. Tristin Ian says:

    i dont know what he means by “disabled gamers” like if you lost a finger or something

  9. hauntedxxshadow says:

    I like how Drift0r’s developer voice is like a scared little girl

  10. Eric Blaze says:

    I’m going to start a petition that’s against this petition

  11. MarrickFait says:

    It would be AWESOME! Ooo…. Jump button as L2 (RT)… Hello easy jump drop shots.

  12. ProGamingMethods says:

    Oh, Dead Rising was such a good game :) I got to Level 50, but then my brother thought he wiped out the hard drive (he didn’t, but I still have to start over). But I have CoD: WaW on PC for Custom Zombies, and I’m so glad it has button remapping! I practically changed everything closer to my “native” PC game, Minecraft.

  13. brucelston says:

    what’s your real name?

  14. brucelston says:

    lol, I always imagined Drift0r to look like David Wygant – pick up artist youtube channel

  15. JCB703 says:

    BF3 needs this

  16. wandyamull says:

    not what I imagined driftor to look like

  17. Tristin Ian says:

    See this is another reason skyrim is awesome because you can customize every single button instead of just having pre-made layouts

  18. jamesorthebombdotcom says:

    “What the hell is water?” when hell and sin didn’t exist . . . nice

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