18 Replies to “Button Remapping – This should be a standard feature on all video games!”

  1. HEY GUYS, Im Lazereye I Do Black ops 2 Gameplays,Montages,And Zombies please Check my channel out If you like anything please sub! thanks for reading and cya guys

  2. Everyone should have the right the game! It can’t ever hurt, so there’s no reason to not have it. There are pros, and there are no cons. So why not, game designers? Why the hell not?

  3. Oh, Dead Rising was such a good game 🙂 I got to Level 50, but then my brother thought he wiped out the hard drive (he didn’t, but I still have to start over). But I have CoD: WaW on PC for Custom Zombies, and I’m so glad it has button remapping! I practically changed everything closer to my “native” PC game, Minecraft.

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