Buyer’s market

Buyer’s market

Image by kevin dooley
It’s a buyer’s market for business property these days!

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  1. says:

    Nice photo, really captures the desolate nature of this scene.

  2. eNriKeFot☮ says:

    cool atmosphere

  3. Roberto Gardella says:

    Hum….pretty familiar view honestly….too many building on sale over here too…….hope things will change in better soon!

  4. Carrie McGann says:

    And all the lovely weatheredness that comes with it! Great character in this :)


    When I see your picture, I wanna go and buy Holga and start shooting!

  6. telmo32 says:


  7. |lauravisi| says:

    brilliant love the atmosphere

  8. innerMt says:

    Beautiful texture and tone!

  9. abennett23 says:

    well spotted and said — Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  10. Peter Plaia says:

    A fixer-upper opportunity. Jealous, I’ve been eying the Holga TLR for a while. how do you like it?

  11. geraldbrazell says:

    All too familiar scene these days. Great commentary shot.

  12. Alejandro Pérez Rizo says:

    Great composition.

  13. buddhagirlAZ says:

    awesome capture/image! sadly true commentary.

  14. Andrew Atzert says:

    Nice one. Like the soft focus and how those oblong garage door windows sit so nicely in the composition.

  15. Damian Gadal says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Great Recession, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  16. ilsebatten says:

    This has the feel of an abandoned town in the Old West. Another urban/economic shift. Where to?

  17. Elena Kovalevich says:

    Great tones!

  18. Steve-h - back mid-June says:

    desolation !

  19. Mááh :) says:

    very nice!!!

  20. IceNineJon says:

    It sure is!

  21. Walker Dukes says:

    There are tons of places like that in SF, too.

  22. Nasser` says:

    Good Shot my friend!

  23. Brendan Ó Sé says:

    sad cool shot though

  24. Mike G. K. says:

    Cool mood !

  25. Amr at Tamimi says:

    great photo

  26. uoıʇnloʌǝɹʍol says:

    oh, yes…holgatastic!

  27. St._Maddux says:

    great shot

  28. Rozanne Hakala says:

    Fabulous shot. TYou’ve captured the desolate state here so well. Another for your book! 😉

  29. Skopelos ♫♪ says:

    Such a cool shot…

  30. Trinimusic2008 - Stay blessed says:

    Are you taking the plunge?? Good discussion topic, Kevin:)

  31. Irene2005 says:

    I think I am not buying. Nice shot!

  32. Tipu Kibria~~BUSY~~ says:

    Beautifully done ! Great job !

  33. eating milk says:

    oh dream on market!

  34. Sati Kobashi says:

    Interesting compo, beautiful lines and tones!

  35. marccc1970 says:

    love the decay! great stuff kevin : )

  36. Aamir Yunus says:


  37. And Soon the Darkness says:

    Stunning shot!

  38. Ming - chun ( very busy ) says:

    well done thanks for your share , my friend have a great day CHUN

  39. A Citric Gray Parka says:

    Very moody and dark, love it man!

  40. AmsterSam - The Wicked Reflectah says:

    I doubt there are many buyers at the moment though :)

  41. david gutierrez [ ] says:

    fantastic the compo and tone..great mood

  42. Guylaine Begin says:

    excellent perspective!

  43. Sir Cam says:

    love the focus!

  44. city/human/life says:

    fantastic capture of the desolate state! great capture!

  45. Amit Basu says:

    very retro!

  46. oybay© says:

    Essence of the midwest. Hope you have a great weekend.

  47. ~lala~(Lisa) says:

    Great Holga shot!

  48. gbrummett says:

    I’ll say! Nice catch

  49. GioPhotos says:

    Yeah, great deals in Southern California too.

  50. D Yak(I hate the new flick) says:

    Well, it hit the homeowners first and the next wave is of course the small businesses. Until more jobs and wages go up, spending will not return – such a myth that tax cuts lead to more jobs! If that was true, we would not be in this trouble since the Bush tax cuts have been in effect the whole time! Tax cuts for the poor and middle class lead to spending, for the rich it leads to more greed, speculation, and lobbying money! How’s that for a rant outside my own stream too. Sorry! Can’t help it, when an image triggers, it triggers!

  51. LukeOlsen says:

    Hmm…. need some studio space…

  52. Tulay Emekli says:

    I do love your B&W here!

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