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Green Bay, Wisconsin (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

Investors that learn the real estate market can find success in various ways. One area of real estate that few understand as well as Ted Thomas is tax lien certificate investing. Ted has created and released a new buying tax liens certificates DVD training system. This course can be found at and is designed for beginners to learn fast.

Taxation is handled by government agencies in counties, parishes, boroughs and county equivalents according to tax laws. Property taxes are assessed by these agencies and some homeowners or business owners do not pay the total tax due.

This investment opportunity known as a tax lien certificate sale is what is now taught on DVD at

“Rates of return are reviewed each year by each state and these rates can go up or down,” said Ted Thomas in his training series. This information details that the average rate of returns are guaranteed between 5 and 36 percent each year.

While some states do not sell certificates, investors that purchase in a tax deed state could own a property if a property owner does not settle the back taxes.

According to the new DVD training course available, most auctions take place once a week depending on the amount of tax certificates that are available. This new information provides resources of where to find property to research as well as how to buy using more than one method.

The DVD training includes how to buy using the Internet, in-person bidding and in some cases auctions by mail. Investors and average people that know and understand this investment type could take part in one of the safest investments currently available.

Those interested in beginning a real estate career could learn how to purchase these mortgage-free real estate investments by exploring Ted’s new training. One of the benefits of this new DVD training is the out of the box training method provided. The information that is presented allows anyone to learn quickly and start investing immediate upon completion of the training.

About Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is one of the leading tax authorities in the U.S. Ted’s 20+ year career teaching thousands of beginning and experienced investors has helped more people live out dreams by investing in government-backed securities. The new tax certificate investing courses that are offered online by Ted Thomas represent updated and accurate information for those that apply the information. As a public speaker, Ted is in demand at top real estate seminars for his valuable knowledge of government-backed tax lien certificate investments online and offline.

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