BuySellAds & Other AdSense Alternatives

BuySellAds & Other AdSense Alternatives

Let’s discuss some alternatives to using Google AdSense. Here is a listing of other sites you can try… http http http Sell your own ads on WordPress http (affiliate link)

14 thoughts on “BuySellAds & Other AdSense Alternatives

  1. Hey Lisa, how are you? I was wondering what your thoughts were on Ning. Is it worth signing up for it when you can use WordPress to pretty much do the same thing?

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for the vids, very informative. 1 question do you have advice on making websites suitable for mobiles/smartphones? any good links you know of for this?

  3. if you want to start creating a professional and profitable website, I have the solution for you. This is the absolutely the best wordpress course you’ll find. get it now while it’s still available. go to: ===> /watch?v=pO_LsAlxr4Q <== or visit my channel

  4. The problem with me and youtube is I make min $100 a month from just 15 of my top videos but I can’t get paid though because I’m outside the US .. so right now I searching for a way to get a SSN and some legal way to either open a usa business or live over there and become a us resident so I can fill out those IRS tax forms, until then I see my money in adsense just adding up but I can’t touch it so I will wait until I can fix this.

  5. Hi lisa, I just started my blog with only one post and will post more in the future. I use adsense for ads on my blog. what i want to ask is, how can i put a suitable ads on my blog?

  6. Hey Lisa I AM NEW TO THIS BLOGGING THING AND TRYING TO GET STARTED. i HAVE SEEN SOME OF YOUR VIDEO ON WordPress and i think you did one about, but the thing is blogger has change in the way it look and all the tutorial i seen dont show you how to get traffic, add ads, and generate money. Can you point me in the right direction. Not sure if your website has a step by step on how to do this. Also the functions seem different some how do you think you could help me out please…

  7. My family laughed when I told them I would make cash quickly with Smarter Money Maker, but then I showed them the results. Google Smarter Money Maker to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  8. Hey I have a big question. Today I recently purchased my first domain. I bought it from My question is that when I finish building my website for example on adobe dream weaver, how do I set it up to my domain because now when you search my domain a stupid godaddy website shows up ( the website is launched ) also what type of software would you recommend when it come to making a website?

  9. Hey is there any way i can talk to you about a problem i’m encountering with AdSense, I dont seem to know what they require in order to enable Invalid Activity. HELP!

  10. First of all I wanna apologize cause you’ve probably answered these questions a million times…I just trust that you will send me in the right direction:) sorry if u don’t like list’s. 1.Should I monetize my Youtube videos at all? 2.Do I monetize the most viewed videos according to analytics or number of views? I just wanted to ask cause I been asked to monetize. I’m in no means all about the money at all since making enough online seems like a long shot anyway. Thanks in advance:)

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