BuySellAds & Other AdSense Alternatives

BuySellAds & Other AdSense Alternatives

Let’s discuss some alternatives to using Google AdSense. Here is a listing of other sites you can try… http http http Sell your own ads on WordPress http (affiliate link)

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14 Responses to BuySellAds & Other AdSense Alternatives

  1. WebsiteIn2hours says:

    Great video, Lisa

  2. xiaoxindiar says:

    Hey Lisa, how are you? I was wondering what your thoughts were on Ning. Is it worth signing up for it when you can use WordPress to pretty much do the same thing?

  3. MrLaziosupporter says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for the vids, very informative. 1 question do you have advice on making websites suitable for mobiles/smartphones? any good links you know of for this?

  4. Byron Keith says:

    Hello I would like to know is profitclicking a good income oppurtunity?

  5. Neil Deavers says:

    if you want to start creating a professional and profitable website, I have the solution for you. This is the absolutely the best wordpress course you’ll find. get it now while it’s still available. go to: ===> /watch?v=pO_LsAlxr4Q <== or visit my channel

  6. MrPastor77 says:

    The problem with me and youtube is I make min $100 a month from just 15 of my top videos but I can’t get paid though because I’m outside the US .. so right now I searching for a way to get a SSN and some legal way to either open a usa business or live over there and become a us resident so I can fill out those IRS tax forms, until then I see my money in adsense just adding up but I can’t touch it so I will wait until I can fix this.

  7. Necrosilence says:

    Hi lisa, I just started my blog with only one post and will post more in the future. I use adsense for ads on my blog. what i want to ask is, how can i put a suitable ads on my blog?

  8. Steve Jeansimon says:

    Hey Lisa I AM NEW TO THIS BLOGGING THING AND TRYING TO GET STARTED. i HAVE SEEN SOME OF YOUR VIDEO ON WordPress and i think you did one about, but the thing is blogger has change in the way it look and all the tutorial i seen dont show you how to get traffic, add ads, and generate money. Can you point me in the right direction. Not sure if your website has a step by step on how to do this. Also the functions seem different some how do you think you could help me out please…

  9. dukmaster777 says:

    My family laughed when I told them I would make cash quickly with Smarter Money Maker, but then I showed them the results. Google Smarter Money Maker to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  10. ManageFoods says:

    Hey I have a big question. Today I recently purchased my first domain. I bought it from My question is that when I finish building my website for example on adobe dream weaver, how do I set it up to my domain because now when you search my domain a stupid godaddy website shows up ( the website is launched ) also what type of software would you recommend when it come to making a website?

  11. Noah Sahle says:

    Hello lisa.My name Noah.I try to send you a Note.But it won’t let me.I need to ask you something.

  12. snipersgetmohead says:

    Hey is there any way i can talk to you about a problem i’m encountering with AdSense, I dont seem to know what they require in order to enable Invalid Activity. HELP!

  13. itubeguy69696969 says:

    saw this recently posted using your video, just giving you the heads up from webmaster to webmaster :) /watch?v=zfBvtwjUefk

  14. Deejay Verstyle says:

    First of all I wanna apologize cause you’ve probably answered these questions a million times…I just trust that you will send me in the right direction:) sorry if u don’t like list’s. 1.Should I monetize my Youtube videos at all? 2.Do I monetize the most viewed videos according to analytics or number of views? I just wanted to ask cause I been asked to monetize. I’m in no means all about the money at all since making enough online seems like a long shot anyway. Thanks in advance:)

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