BYOMA – 21st Century Marketing

BYOMA – 21st Century Marketing
Event on 2014-01-27 09:00:00

This 20 credit module is aimed at working professionals in the advertising and marketing industry. The module will appeal to account, production, planning, creative and media professionals from a range of backgrounds and levels of experience. The module seeks to expose participants to new ways of thinking about and delivering marketing in the 21st century.

The module will focus on both the knowledge and strategy behind digital work (refreshing the participants' understanding of digital marketing opportunities) as well as the practical management tools for delivering digital work. This will focus on developing the practical skill set to deliver effective and efficient work, as well as to identify business growth opportunity.

The module explores real life examples at the forefront of the professional discipline. Through workshop briefs participants are expected to immediately apply their learning and demonstrate their ability to approach digital problem solving systematically and creatively with an ability to apply these skills to for future marketing projects.

The module will –

  • Encourage the acquisition of a strategic overview of marketing in the digital age.
  • Equip participants with the practical skills and techniques to contribute to and deliver digital marketing projects managing their aims, time and other resources effectively.

Participants will acquire a common framework of knowledge relevant to the broad aims and principles of 21st Century Marketing through a series of workshops and on-line tutorials.

Practical skills relating to digital project delivery will be developed through a series of workshop tasks. Participants will be expected to develop an appropriate solution and proposal that will be presented back to the group to a professional standard.

Participants will also undertake an individual assessment where they will be required to develop a proposal to a ‘theoretical’ or live brief. This will be supported through on-line group and personal tutorials as well as through self-directed learning and research. It will help participants to understand the complex world of digital commissioning and their own role within it.



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