C Programming, Disassembly, Debugging, Linux, GDB

A brief introduction to GDB and Assembly Language on Intel processors using the venerable C language and GCC compiler toolchain. This is probably more fun than it is informative (and not even all that fun), but maybe it will give somebody ideas… Documentation: man wprintf man gdb man objdump man hexdump Use pinfo -m instead of man for a nice, colorful interface that can be navigated by clicking or using the arrow keys. The IDE used in this video is actually the SciTE text editor. www.youtube.com Making simple programs and analysing them with a debugger such as GDB is a great way to learn a little bit about assembly language and machine code. Why delve into machine code during an introductory video? Do we realy need to know that the stack grows downward in memory or that the arguments to a function are pushed onto the stack in reverse order, so they can pop back off in the right order? What’s with the wide characters? Why complicate things by adding a function? First of all, functions and assembly are not that hard to grasp. It’s just a push and call. We push an address to something onto the stack and call a function. What’s so difficult about that? I’m sick of people trying to insulate us from the details. Besides, knowing a little bit about what goes on under the hood makes better hackers and better programmers. That’s what we do while learning. We build things and we take them apart to see how they work. I know there is no compelling reason to use wide characters (C90

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