Caleb Moore, Snowmobiler, Dies After Winter X Games Crash

Snowmobiler Caleb Moore was in critical condition Tuesday in a Colorado hospital after a dramatic crash at the Winter X Games in Aspen, and a relative said the family wasn’t hopeful about the 25-year-old’s chances for survival. Moore was performing a flip Thursday when he clipped the top of a jump and went over the handlebars and landed face first into the snow. The snowmobile rolled over him, but he walked off with help and went to a hospital with a concussion. Moore later developed bleeding around his heart and was flown to a hospital in Grand Junction for surgery. The family later said that Moore, of Krum, Texas, also had a complication involving his brain. “Caleb is not doing good at all,” his grandfather Charles Moore told The Denver Post. “The prognosis is not good at all. It’s almost certain he’s not going to make it.” A family spokeswoman reissued a statement Tuesday thanking fans, friends and family for their support and asked for continued prayers. The family declined further comment. A separate accident Thursday left Moore’s younger brother, Colten, with a separated pelvis at Winter X, an increasingly popular event that showcases the world’s best action sports athletes in a festival atmosphere. The safety of the snowmobile events has fallen under scrutiny with several recent accidents and mishaps. In addition to the crashes by the Moore brothers, there also was a scary scene when a runaway sled veered into the crowd Sunday night after the rider fell off during
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24 Responses to Caleb Moore, Snowmobiler, Dies After Winter X Games Crash

  1. scootking12 says:

    you, because you commented that

  2. conservaslayer says:

    NANA NA NA NANA NA NA HEY HEY GOODBYE That tends to happen when you flip a motorcycle over on your head. 

  3. DeSean Jackson says:

    “Tweeetme” u are a fucking fag! Show some fucking respect to a man who died doing something he loved and new the risks of it all.

  4. Ryan Townsend says:

    I will personally fist fuck your mother if you ever post anything like this again you featherbrained cock wrangler…

  5. dizzy26dank says:

    Tweetme let’s see u do Wat he did an live. Ur a piece of shit for havin no respect for any sport.

  6. riebeling20 says:

    Hey “tweetme” thats who you are? This guy was dedicated to his sport and career. Maybe something youll never have. Respect the man he was doing something big for his family and his loved ones. Saying that hes an idiot for doing that, makes you look pathetic.

  7. Eric Paris says:

    Not if you know what you’re doing. That’s why these situations are called accidents. And, not trying to be rude, but seriously consider stop trolling on pages discussing a man’s death. It’s different on entertainment videos, etc, but some of your responses below are just too much. :/

  8. langtubip says:

    rip dangerous sport

  9. allwowemaill says:


  10. tweeetme says:

    You’re GAY ! , too.

  11. thePAOFaN044 says:

    fuckk u mother fucker

  12. tweeetme says:

    I’m alive, he’s not, hmmmm, who’s the idiot?

  13. tweeetme says:

    Your right they know the consequences. Just like playing russian roulette.

  14. tweeetme says:

    It doesn’t take balls, but you do have to be stupid. To flip a machine like that is like playing russian roulette. I’m alive, he’s not, hmmmm, who’s the idiot?

  15. tweeetme says:

    I’m alive, he’s not, hmmmm, who’s the idiot?

  16. tweeetme says:

    No , theirs a big difference. Flipping a snow machine on purpose is asking for trouble.

  17. zezee78ify says:

    Rest in peace .

  18. DrChasm says:

    @tweeetme because that have ball unlike you and me I would never do anyof this because I’m afraid this might happen These people know the consequences

  19. 06KAVA says:

    At least he died doing what he loved:(

  20. Jon Kooni says:

    U live by the snow and u die by it

  21. PwnBusiness says:

    i’m sorry this happened. i hope his family is doing well

  22. Diana Calvo says:

    Caleb died doing what he loved, we will miss him… X sports loose a big guy. R.I.P

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