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(PRWEB) June 24, 2013

One of the most knowledgeable bankruptcy law firms Zhou and Chini finish a California bankruptcy exemptions page. The website is a work in process for the bankruptcy lawyers as they continue to build this website for consumers. When an individual is declaring bankruptcy in California, they are allowed to exempt certain categories of assets from liquidation. Certain states have opted out of the federal exemptions and have their own list of acceptable exemptions. The state exemptions can include various amounts of clothing, furniture, tools, pensions, and homesteads. The main purpose of the exemptions is to allow the individual to maintain certain assets that maybe needed to make a new financial start after they declare bankruptcy. Any of the properties that are determined exempt will be outlined in the bankruptcy schedules which are filed with the bankruptcy case. Creditors will have the chance to object to the exemptions at the creditor meeting. If there are no objections, the exempt property will no longer be considered property of the bankruptcy estate. California bankruptcy exemptions are one area of bankruptcy law which varies from state to state. The Federal law outlines a set of exemptions in the bankruptcy code, but each state has the option to opt out of the federal exemptions, and can provide their own state exemptions. Currently, sixteen states have the option to choose between the federal and states exemption, the remainder of the states will have to use the state exemptions. Prior to filing bankruptcy in California, it is important to talk to an California bankruptcy attorney who can outline your current options for bankruptcy exemptions in the state of California.

The website has many useful pages and links to other pages on the site that give valuable information regarding filing for bankruptcy in California. Filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies prevents real property from being repossessed and halts the home foreclosure process. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan will consolidate all payments and allow the person to reinstate a loan, while a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a better choice if your 1st mortgage is current. Additionally, filing bankruptcy may require creditors to return property that was repossessed immediately. To learn more about the different Chapters of bankruptcy visit the website here,

The California bankruptcy attorneys use the search engine optimization to assist in marketing the law office to promote the message about the importance of speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer if someone is considering filing. The firm continues its online presence by offering zero cost bankruptcy information on bankruptcy firms blog and social media pages. This information along with free consultations the firm hopes to attract more residents looking for financial relief. To read more on the firms Facebook page,

About the Firm: The Law Office of Zhou & Chini servicing the cities and counties of California. Mr. Zhou is a graduate of UCLA and has been practicing law since 1999. Mr. Zhou has a wealth of experience in bankruptcy, civil litigation, family law, criminal law and unlawful detainer. Zhou and Chini Law Offices provide bankruptcy assistance to Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego residents.

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