Call phones from Gmail

Call anywhere in the world with super low rates — right from within Gmail.

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17 Responses to Call phones from Gmail

  1. roidroid says:

    have you tried going to the website mentioned at the end of the video?

  2. ÅÑẳ ĶÐá ÅÑå Ķàħrẫbẳ says:

    how i do this >>?? 

  3. maryam Kashani says:


  4. dinesh kumar says:

    this is a wonderfull .

  5. WebHostingMurah says:

    wah ada fitur baru lagi dari gmail… baru tahu ane…hehehe

  6. tram mactu says:


  7. e2bobbie says:

    thewbbousacom free

  8. nilesh jaiswal says:

    is this facility availble in india

  9. FesterNScab says:

    I tried calling Macy’s HQ in Ohio and reached Beijing, China instead. Is this a common problem?

  10. punko681 says:


  11. KhMErTRiAd says:

    Now how the fuck can you get this on a mobile phone using wifi? So far I found out you can’t!

  12. Bob Bonnell says:

    DO I need to download a new version of google to get Call Phone? I have no keypad to access in Gmail – people are there but there’s no ‘make call’ button under Chat and my wife can access it from the gmail scroll on the left but for some reason I cant… help please

  13. Frederik Glent-Madsen says:

    The danish was not exactly fantastic

  14. shanshanjd says:

    I;ve been calling usa and cant get through from Jamaica

  15. Elias Ghoubrial says:


  16. Flyinglevel says:

    Idiots who don’t have Gmail do. (or ppl who don’t have a laptop/or internet connection)

  17. Brandon Andre says:

    Who needs cell phones xD

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