Adds a Dozen New Pay Per Call Offers

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) March 27, 2015

The people at regularly exhibit at Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon trade shows in Las Vegas and New York throughout the year.

These industry events are great for identifying the needs of both the supply and demand side in the performance marketing industry. On one side, buyers promote their pay per call offers on, and on the other side, publishers desire the best payouts for the inbound phone calls they are continuously marketing for and generating.

Theres a shift underway in the tech and media worlds marked by a tighter embrace of phone calls as a lead form for paying advertisers, said Michael Boland, report author, senior analyst and VP of content, BIA/Kelsey.

Calls have always been highly valued by small businesses and now the notion of calls as currency has accelerated in the smartphone era, where search has fused with the phone. Businesses that get in front of consumers with the right messaging and calls to action can drive high-quality leads and achieve high return on ad spend. Tech and media companies that can help them get there are likewise well positioned.

In addition, BIA/Kelsey estimates $ 64.6 billion is spent annually across media on localized ads to generate calls to businesses.

Through meeting with both publishers and advertisers semi-annually in the lucrative call monetization space, consistently restructures the available pay-per-call offers to benefit all parties involved. After analyzing and comparing the supply and demand needs of both call buyers and sellers, has decided to add the following 15 pay per call offers to its network:

1) Auto Insurance pays $ 16 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

2) Dating Chat Line pays $ 1.70 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

3) Student Loan Consolidation pays $ 13 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

4) IRS Audit Tax Defense pays $ 45 for each call that lasts longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds

5) Life Insurance pays $ 13 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

6) Home Insurance pays $ 15 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

7) Home Security pays $ 56 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

8) Business Loan pays $ 20 for each call that last longer than 2 minutes

9) Credit Repair pays $ 5 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

10) Credit Card Debt Relief pays $ 23 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

11) Auto Repair Loan pays $ 8 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

12) Dental Loan Leads pays $ 7 for each call that lasts longer than 2 minutes

What sets apart from other pay per call networks is that for each pay per call offer there are many buyers on the demand side of those calls. Some call buyers pay more per call if the call is in the state where they operate and during business hours. But certain companies also has buyers that will pay less for calls generated nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows call buyer to provide affiliates with unlimited transactions to the pay per call offers they generate by accepting all phone calls in all 50 states around the clock.

This is highly significant considering the fact that calls from consumers to business through a multitude of mediums have risen exponentially over the years.

In the same report released by BIA/Kelsey suggests that businesses will generate more than 73 billion phone calls via mobile search in 2018. That figure is significantly up from 30 billion in 2013.

Google determined that more than 61% of mobile users called after performing a local business search. Many local advertisers embrace these phone calls, according to E-Consultancy, as the Google click-to-call or Call Extensions feature is already used by more than 40% of all mobile searchers.

By having buyers compete for calls using a real-time auction style bidding, can offer publishers the highest possible payouts per call.

About is where publishers can promote pay per call offers from over 30 different verticals in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada.

The people at have been in the online marketing industry since 2003. With over 20 years experience in customer acquisition in different verticals has discovered that most companies and business owners alike have more effective ROI when paying for qualified calls rather than web-based leads and that is why was established to begin with. is a aggregetor of calls. Unlike an affiliate network, they work directly with end buyers. All the offers that we promote are 100% exclusive to and cannot be found on any other pay-per-call affiliate network.

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