Campaign introduces more Canadians to boating

Campaign introduces more Canadians to boating
Discover Boating Canada has announced that its 2014 campaign increased the number of people who visited manufacturer websites to shop by 19%. This can be attributed to the campaign's focus on increasing awareness of the boating lifestyle in order to …
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In Q3, AddThis finds mobile traffic still on the upswing
The data cover July to September for websites using AddThis: Mobile traffic keeps growing: it has … The most popular categories browsed from mobile phones were family and parenting, traveling and retail. The most popular categories visited from a …
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I'll drink to that! Web entrepreneurs who made £370m selling Bebo step in to
It was a huge success and became one of the world's most popular websites with AOL buying it for $ 850 million three years later. The couple made $ 600 million from the sale but then had to watch as the site crumbled, in part due to the meteoric rise of …
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