Campbell Street Nite Market,Penang

Campbell Street Nite Market,Penang

Image by tongkai
Started from 1st May 2007,Campbell Street in the heart on Georgetown City,Penang has turned to a nite market and attracted local residents and foreign tourist.This nite market will go on for the next three weeks.After that,it will return by September.

This picture was taken around 1930 local time,5th May 2007.

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6 Responses to Campbell Street Nite Market,Penang

  1. skettalee says:

    That looks like a cool spot to hang!

  2. tongkai says:

    it’s still new,but the local government try to boost up this area which used to be a shopping spot about 20yrs ago.

  3. gaymay says:

    Fabulous photo, Tongkai! :o) It looks like a very clean area!!

  4. tongkai says:

    thanks,gaymay,hope u like it. the local overnment sending their men to clear the street before and after the market,just to give good impression to everyone. frankly,the government is try to preserve this area as one of the many heritage places in Georgetown City. i uploaded some pics specially for you to take a peek on some chinese owned heritage buildings just located around Campbell Street.

  5. Khabil says:

    I love the food in Penang! This place looks like a good place to visit too. Definitely making Penang on my list of places to visit this year. =)

  6. tongkai says:

    food is always the main attraction to tourists come to Penang.

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