Can a floating robot save a polluted canal?

Can a floating robot save a polluted canal?
Help for the beleaguered canal, however, has arrived in an unusual form: a floating robot. The Brooklyn Atlantis project, spearheaded by Oded Nov, assistant professor at the department of technology management and innovation at the Polytechnic …
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Robots Get to Work
What it does: The VGo acts as a personal avatar—or, as the company says, “replicates a person in a distant location”—via the robot's camera, microphones and video display. The remote user can move the VGo around a facility. The robot has applications …

“The Official Bad Robot Art Experience” at the Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles
It is presenting the most epic group exhibition of the history of the gallery, which has associated itself with Bad Robot and The Mission Continues in order to organise the event. Thus, up for viewing are the works of almost 100 artists, including …
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