Can Facebook promote safe sex?

Can Facebook promote safe sex?
For eight weeks, students in the “Just/Us” arm were exposed to a slew of sex-ed topics, interactive quizzes, videos, and message threads, while their peers saw only pop-culture and celebrity news. Teens were able to visit the group's page to post their …
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You don't have to be Jewish to fear Iran, but it helps: Marmur
Iran's Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, speaking recently at an international antidrug conference in Tehran, invented the scandalous accusation that Jewish sacred texts promote the spread of illicit drugs in the world. … And all that even before …
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More employers demand applicants quit smoking
“Smoking isn't the only thing that affects your health; there's drinking, eating red meat, exercise or not exercising — even your sex life affects your health,” Maltby said. “And once you say it's all right for employers … The law of the land on the …
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