Can Groupon grow up? – CNET Update Online shoppers pay with cash, White House takes aim at CISPA, and Groupon hopes to show its grown-up side.
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10 Responses to Can Groupon grow up? – CNET Update

  1. incognitostatus says:

    the music is kinda annoying.

  2. denisrenelara says:

    let me get this straight, @IPlayNice posted a comment instead of calling AT&T to ask?

  3. estradaperu says:

    Like if you miss getting Loaded!

  4. stellaragent1 says:

    Nice outfit Bridget. Go Spotify!

  5. sohmal3 says:

    Dear CNET, iPad plays YouTube vendors very well, so please make your videos playable on iPads and do not put such restrictions. Most of your videos are playable, but some are not and this is one example.

  6. sohmal3 says:

    Who is so stupid in Cnet who has made this video not to be playable on iPad. Do they think iPad is not good enough to watch Bridget Cary???

  7. glenn calderon says:

    Old Bridget Cary Cnet updated are showing as not shared….

  8. pointlessfailure says:

    Unlimited AT&T is a joke, Go over 3 gigs and you get your connection slowed down. Unlimited my ass. Happened to me last month.

  9. iHelper321 says:

    Yea i can still creep on people on facebook! 😀

  10. Parsigi says:

    under 100 club, UNITE!

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