Can local digital advertising networks take on Google?

Can local digital advertising networks take on Google?
Still, the number of advertisers has jumped to more than 100 now from 10 a year ago. How did that happen? All thanks to Tyroo … ad space and want to reach potential customers. The networks stitch together ad space from many small websites and from …
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Feds' Top Entrepreneur Shaking Data From Government's File Cabinets
Before working in government, Park co-founded two health information technology companies — including one that produced web-based software for doctors' offices — that made him a rich man. He went on to create tele-health services for use by rural …

Finnish websites under attack
Pentikäinen warned of possible loading delays due to the attack. ICT Agency HALTIK, which provides technical data services for the police and the Border Guard websites, says that the similarly-timed problems with those pages did not result from an attack.
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