Can nofollow links hurt my site’s ranking?

I’m building links, not for SEO but to try and generate direct traffic, if these links are no-follow am I safe from getting any Google penalties? Asked anoth…

22 thoughts on “Can nofollow links hurt my site’s ranking?

  1. There’s another way for nofollows to hurt your site. If you use nofollow internally on a site, and go overboard with it, you run the risk of preventing good content from getting indexed. Although, if done right, that could be useful (e.g. when your site’s forum is spammed)

  2. So that explains why I seen a bunch of comment spam to my site starting on Sept 5.. Almost like someone knew this was coming and started targeting with neg seo.. Hmm

  3. Same question but change no-follow to follow… You list on a directory to get direct traffic though Google can penalise you for this in it’s organic rankings?

  4. Am I the only one thinking about anchor text here? Surely if I have 1000 nofollow “blue widgets” nofollow exact match anchor text links then I’m going to get hit with Penguin for over-optimizing for blue widgets, sure the proportion of nofollows probably isn’t any issue unless you are totally abusing it but what about anchor text!?

  5. It’s good to have a bit of variation in your links… 90+% dofollow links don’t always seem natural for all kinds of sites. Don’t agree on “they have always been completely upfront that nofollow links are totally ignored by their algorithms”. You wouldn’t need nofollow’ed links while building dofollow’ed ones for SEO, that way.

  6. Is Chrome about to take-over Firefox?? Should we read something into that T Shirt Mr Cutts? Why is there only one Monopolies Commission? Oh the questions are endless 🙂

  7. am I spamming right now or not hmmm? I really don’t know, because after watching this video, neither do Google. Nothing new learned here, just the silly game of Maybe and “We Can’t Tell You” … so YES or NO lol 🙂

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