Can the blockchain replace SSL?

Can the blockchain replace SSL?
But many computer scientists, technology enthusiasts and investors believe that the blockchain's most powerful applications are yet to be developed. One of the intriguing potential applications … Heartbleed was the result of a flaw in the popular …
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Active US Hate Groups
This list was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports. Hate group activities can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing …
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Bamboozled: Fed-up family demands action after vacation rat trap
And more. The JetBlue Getaways package, costing $ 5,200, included air fare and a stay at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, which on the JetBlue web site was described as a five-star family-friendly resort. "The hotel we booked is not what they described on …

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