Can you give us an update on rankings for long-tail searches?

“Many are talking about losses of traffiic with long tail searches: I was wondering if you could give us an update on what is happening with Google right now? Caffeine update? Algorithm change? Temporary?” Brian, Seattle, WA
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18 thoughts on “Can you give us an update on rankings for long-tail searches?

  1. Loss of traffic is an understatement. You guys have done more to destroy our economy since 2010 than our new worthless congress. You have cost many small companies huge sales. As everyone knows, online sales = jobs. You should have never done this update until AFTER the economy recovered.

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  3. Mr Google: I’ve been hearing complaints from some social sites that your algorithm penalizes them as being “content farms” for low quality/chatty content (my bf just bought a new car, check out my rave pics, etc.) even though they’re NOT content farms, and that their protests back to Google fall on deaf ears. Comments?

  4. well, guess what, this algorythms only makes people think and see inside their area of knowledge, making them more self-centered every time. example: I like football, i search football, and everytime i look for information, the results will be more likely focused on football, cause the algorithm works so as to relate the information im searching, to any of my interest. making me every time more ignorant to any other type of information. My range of sight gets every time smaller with this.

  5. Thanks for being so clear regarding MayDay. Long tail are so important. I start loving SEO and all the learning process, but it changes so fast that no one can never be the best, it is like studying medicine, to be the best you need knowledge and knowledge needs to be updated all the time.

  6. Continued_ Consider the end result. You loose less customer base and at the dame time you also gain customer base. So try it…you just might be surprised at the results. And by the way, when you do, You can easily locate me. I think I might have a bit of financial benefits coming on this one. Surely you’ll claim you already thought if it. But I just put it in writing so, lets’ hear everyone say ” where’s the money! Really, isn’t it time to see a new generation of GOOGLE EEES. Call it GOOGLE EZ

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