Can you make the realtime results more conspicuous?

Love the new “real time” results displaying on SERP. Is it possible to distinguish these from the other results with a different background colour or surrounding border? I often skim over them and nearly miss the updates before searching again. Natalie, Perth, Western Australia

8 thoughts on “Can you make the realtime results more conspicuous?

  1. Natalie as Matt briefly mentions use the tools on the left hand side. You can select SERPS by time frame. I find this feature extremely useful when I need to search for recent information, especially with a long term established keyword. Plus as a webmaster its great to see my recent updates have the potential to be included in the SERPS so quickly. This is an incentive for any webmaster to ensure their content is updated appropriately. One thing that spammers are too lazy to do.

  2. “there are a lot of people who are a lot more expert than me to help make those decisions” As an interface designer I feel we need more of this open minded, modest behaviour on the market.

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